Why Sell On Tophatter?

Tophatter is a major mobile shopping platform alongside Amazon, eBay, Walmart and other leading marketplaces. If you are an online seller there would be many reasons to make your product or items sell on tophatter.

Sell on TopHatter

Introduction :

Tophatter is basically world’s most entertaining live auction site featuring gorgeous items at exclusive prices. The tophatter marketplace is used by the seller to make the products or items sell on tophatter in every category and site. Due to this, the growth marketplace is increasing rapidly that connects the seller to over million shoppers.

Features to sell on Tophatter:

⦁ Rapid sales: Here Rapid means boom that helps in growth of sales and commercial activity either a business market, industry or economy as a whole.

⦁ Bidding Wars: It is a situation in which two or more buyers are interested in the item that they continue to make increasing higher offers of the price that they are willing to pay for the item to become its new owner.

⦁ Active Buyers: Active Buyer is a customer who has bought a product from a company recently. For example, an active buyer may be a customer who subscribed to a newspaper in the past year.

⦁ High Sell Rate: It is the process in which you make your products sell on tophatter at a high rate.

⦁ Selling is easy as sell, ship and paid: Here selling is easy as sell, ship and paid on tophatter means,

⦁ sell on tophatter: In this, you have to sign up on tophatter and sell your item on the same day.

⦁ Ship on tophatter: Print your shipping label at home and ship.

⦁ Paid on tophatter: Upon delivery, payment will be securely deposited

Reasons to sell on Tophatter:

If you are a professional online seller, following reasons to consider tophatter as your next marketplace for expansion.

1. Guaranteed exposure for your products: Every item that sells on tophatter is featured on the front of the mobile app and website.

⦁ 10 million downloads of the Tophatter iPhone and Android app.

⦁ 2.5 million items sold each month.

⦁ 90-second auctions make products sell fast.

⦁ 1,000+high volume e-commerce marketplace sellers.

⦁ 3,000–4,000+ unique shoppers on site at any given time looking at your products.

2. Seller-Focused: Some marketplaces are simply too large to offer one-on-one account management support.

All our Top Partners are assigned an Account Manager they can talk to on the phone. We are here to build a real relationship, review your account regularly and help to grow your business fast.

3. Move inventory quickly with 90 seconds auctions: This statement means you move inventory more quickly than other marketplaces. Most items start at $1 and the average selling price across Tophatter is $15-$20 ($80–100 for branded items), so buyers come back again and again.

4. Easy to add and update your inventory: Once your team uploads your products in Tophatter, you just need to change the quantity and easily add new inventory to the site of the products.

5. Advertising tools to boost growth: Here sellers can feature individual products in a Couple of clicks to drive up sales and increase selling prices.

6. Per product insight and analytics: Easily track the performance of each of your products that sell on Tophatter so you can optimize your inventory.

7. Grows faster: Tophatter technology, tools and team are working in order to support our partners in growing their businesses to discover new products.

How to sell on Tophatter?