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Her Slipping Thoughts

Collection of prose and poetry 36–41

Handful thoughts to remind one’s self

You have to understand that someday, people will leave, leaving only footprints, traces on every path they once walk-through.

… that someday, probably now, people will change for that’s what it is supposed to happen. I don’t know or maybe not. But you have to be strong, YOU HAVE TO STAY STRONG.

… that no matter how hard you try to be the best for someone you love, you won’t have their eyes on you alone. They may never admit it, but please, do trust your instincts and gut-feeling…rely to them, most of the time it speaks the truth and my dear, once you’ve been enlightened you have to understand that it is okay.

… that no matter how hard you also try to bring back what you both once used to be, it won’t just happen most especially, when it is only you who wanted the idea alone. Keep in mind that having two people to tango has never change. It will always take two people working in love.

Never ever lose yourself into someone who doesn’t have the idea of wanting to do the same.

Love unconditionally.

Two words people thought so easy to comprehend yet indeed difficult to put on deed.

Lines I would tell you…soon. #001

You call yourself a guy, when all this time I considered myself a woman.

Thoughtless (3:45 pm Sunday)

It is in the smallest thing some are already glad, little things they thought do not count. I hate to conclude this but truly, people do not appreciate the beauty of small things.

Some thoughts left unsaid(12:51 am Monday)

Someday, I will finally accept all my flaws that I would no longer compare myself to anybody just because I lack what they have. Someday, all your deeds no matter how seem puzzling they are, they will no longer affect me. That’s me loving myself while loving you.

Some thoughts left unsaid (1:39 am Monday)

As close as lashes and eye I am to exhaustion, so near of getting tired on everything.

Lines I would tell you…soon. #002

“But sweetie, that was years ago. Things have changed now, don’t they?”