Her Slipping Thoughts

Collection of prose and poetry 11–16


Humans are humans.

Apology is not constantly the answer
Mend yourself, not just the deed
Alter what is needed to change
For sometimes
some no longer mind words

…they demand full-action.


Forced to swallow,
I could ease the pain, you said. 
I can’t,
I don’t know — how, I retorted.

Take me in, drink
Feel me sliding down your throat
Gulp me in,
you’ll be okay, you said.

I tried and eventually, it does.


air brushing through hair
A rough night,
photographed the street,
post light beneath the tree,and the path I’m walking,
yet it didn’t change a thing.

Attempted to make me laugh
and succeeded easily.
He never fails to paint a smile on my face.
That smile, still painted till now
…my dearest father.


Late at night
I caught her awake
phone’s on hand, staring blankly.

Sat next the huge pillow
for I have thoughts to spill
which I bet, she does as well

Nearly an hour has passed
I bid good night
I don’t think she fell asleep afterwards.

“He’s quite lucky for he got me…”, I thought in mind barely holding these eyes open.

“Her complexity is a tricky question holding a shallow answer.”

Writing them out

Mind seeking for words 
so many thoughts running through…
must’ve been waiting for quite long.

I say farewell to journal books,
waved hello to journal apps
though I still kept and have a few.

Thoughts slipping out wildly as I write them out 
as if it has found a new place meant to be home.

“Will I soon be strong enough to let these thoughts away?
…it has lived in me for years.

The one who pester

…walks impassively, a piece of them still seem annoying
talks loquaciously though they don’t make sense

…distant yet a piece of disturbance, effortlessly getting on one’s nerve

and is constantly bragging of its ‘wonderful’ life

Tell me, is it all on purpose?