Her Slipping Thoughts

Collection of prose and poetry 5–10


Spitting out words she wanted to speak
Digging out deeply into her flesh
Soothing yet somehow harrowing 
It pinches,
she doesn’t felt any.

Basketball shot

I aim distinctly still I missed. 
Try again. 
Almost there. 

Try again, it says.. 
I scored.


As if t’was just yesterday,
I could still remember how many times these lips curved.
Smiles, yes, for I was glad.

Like a child, I played into a man-made snow,
rode in a carousel and into the not-so extreme roller coaster.
The Ferris wheel left me in a reverie
For I was able to see nothing but the entire city
and you, 
who seems terrified yet managed to look at me and smile.

Those were one of our special days,

…and it feels as if it was just yesterday.

On the bus

Shut my eyes close,
earphones on. 
Mind singing along with the song

Head leaning close to my shoulders,
I flinched.
I don’t know you.

3:22 AM

My body aches for sleep yet my mind won’t let it. I’m still in the midst of claiming myself throughout the immense sadness, thinking whether I am disappointed or hopeless.


Wide awake. 
Aren't you supposed to be asleep? 
...laying comfortably under the blanket,
dreaming what could have been.

What's keeping you up?

Words. Thoughts. 
They seem to get a hold easily when its late
When the place is calm and everyone's sound asleep,

when everything seems clear at first gaze.

Will these thoughts stay till dusk?