Her Slipping Thoughts

Collection of prose and poetry 31–35


And then a leaf falls
touching the ground,
silence, having no sound
slowly drifting away from its branch
swept by the air 
not knowing t’was just passing by
heading nowhere,
both then disappear.

Switching lanes

Thoughts once clouded by you
dusk to dawn 
in my mind, there was merely you
Awoken by life’s long journey,
deeds, my eyes should now lay 
Inner peace within
though often bugged by fret
eyes and mind 
into the matter
but my heart,
my heart you know it belongs to you.

Some thoughts left unsaid

“Love is made to be equal. Both person give it all, both also get the same love in return. You seem not to give your all, please, expect to get the same love in return.”

Spindle Fire (synopsis in poetry)

Two sisters,
reaching for each other 
amid the dark tale of 
two fae sisters..

One fell for a mysterious man…
‘where did you come from/”
One is torn between two lovers,

Go and unveil the faes past,
one is connected to the other…

Hold on. 
Wait, what?

Random Haiku

Dewdrops, raindrops, tears
I simply let to fall down 
and you, you are you. Aloof.

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