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When was the last time you have written and kept a journal?

Remember back in high school, there was not a year that the English subject let us passed the semester without having to record every experience throughout those entire days. We were all once directed to create a journal. Some probably recall it as a requirement at the end of every school year or maybe just a way to hone writing skills. It varies. But in my case, it was a requirement. I believe most students find it a waste of time, insipid and such a tiring task to do that is why it no longer surprises me if one day only the adults will keep on writing journals or worse soon, journaling will die and no longer recognized by the next generation. It shouldn’t be. Did you know that having a journal isn’t just what it is?

“If there was no other motive in view [except] to have the privilege of reading over our journals and for our children to read, it would pay for the time spent in writing it.” — Wilford Woodruff

Spending spare time to write a journal should not be marked as “waste of time” because it’s not. As what Woodruff said, having the privilege to recall events which were all in the history, the time depleted in writing its entirety is already worth-it. And yes, it is. Wouldn’t it be an interesting book for your children to read? It doesn’t matter whether you have filled your journal with the most embarrassing moment or your personal experiences. It was all in the past though and it serves as a good memorabilia. You might want to just be the one to choose the appropriate journal entry for your children to read. Or be the one to read it out for them. An instant Fam-bond, isn’t it?

Another good reason to have a journal is to consider it as your best friend that if you think you have something you cannot share to the world or even to your family, you’ll vent it out only through writing. No matter how embarrassing, lovey-dovey, and unforgettable it is you can spill it all out because hey, it doesn’t have the ability to talk so your secrets are all safe. In fact, it helps you in these 3 ways:

  • It helps you to have a better connection with your values, emotions, and goals. Once you let yourself get used in writing a journal, expressing what’s within you won’t be that hard and as it goes on, it’ll help you to have that clear view on your principles and what you aim to do in life — GOALS.
  • Improve mental clarity that would help to solve problems. Have you ever notice how things screw your mind every time you just kept on thinking about it? That’s what I do normally and honestly, it sucks. I just keep on thinking how to get through stuffs and it turns out, at the end of the day, it just get worse. Writing a journal and being able to blurt out what have happened on a certain day has been a good way to help me think of why it happened and how it will be corrected. It’s like you have this sudden organized illustration of what to do next time it happened. I called it the power of visual aid.
  • A way to enhance a writing skill. I actually began writing when I was in 6th grade and I could tell that writing at an early age has truly helped me to improve how I write. It was not my goal back then but once you started writing and you take it as a habit, you’ll just recognize your skill’s improvement. I think that goes for any habit, right?

Admit it or not, it’s good being able to compose drafts technically with the use of computer applications or notes mobile applications. It’s what most people use, definitely, it is not wrong for people to also adhere to what’s in especially if it’ll make their job easier. But let us not be accustomed to it and forget what it’s like to write the traditional way, writing on a sheet of paper editing drafts through pens. This is where it all started, where you first write your first journal entry and mostly, where you first get to know what and how to write. To abandon and just forget the excitement of writing and having a journal is unreasonable. I admit when my teacher directed us to have one, I also felt like I don’t want to, that I was just writing because I was asked to do so but now I understand and I truly hope that teachers nowadays still insist on making their students keep a journal by also stating its purpose in one’s life. Journals should never be left behind.

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