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Celebrities Come Out in Support of Voter Registration Day to Make it Look Like They Are Supporting No Agenda in Particular Other Than Democracy

Despite everyone being aware of the 2020 election, celebrities, social media outlets, and even some cities are using their platforms to remind laymen to register to vote via a persistence that some are calling aggressive.

“I didn’t even know The City of Los Angeles had emailing capabilities given the DMV website doesn’t work,” stated one concerned resident. “Now suddenly they are sending me emails in honor of Voter Registration Day and asking me to forward the message on to 2 family members and 3 friends otherwise my womb will be barren for 8 years and I’ll have a decade of bad luck.”

Another distraught citizen remarked, “Is Voter Registration Day even a holiday? I’ve never heard of it before and I couldn’t find any decorations in the center of Walgreens.”

A third citizen likened the constant reminders as a trigger for PTSD. “It’s like, I knew I needed to do it, I did it, and now every time I log in to any social media platform these aggressive banners appear trying to force me into registering suggesting that I didn’t already. It’s disconcerting to know that I’ll be reminded about some things with such consistency but there’s no one there to remind me to shower regularly or pay my utilities.”

There might be other things going on in the world, but celebrities need you to know that even though they were reminding you yesterday and they will be reminding you tomorrow, today is Voter Registration Day so go out and register to vote because studies show that nagging works [0].



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