Azealia Banks Hates RZA For Not Backing Her Against Russell Crowe

In our previous article we gave you the details of Azealia Banks going “full ghetto” on Russell Crowe and his friends at a private gathering last Saturday. This wild behavior led to her getting thrown out of Crowe’s hotel suite and subsequently escorted out of the hotel altogether.

Azealia later made claims that Russell Crowe spat on her and called her a n-word. Her claims however were not supported by anyone at the gathering — including her date, RZA.

If you did not read the article, you can catch up on all of the details and our analysis here.

As an update to this ongoing story, we’ve just received reports that Azealia Banks is angry at RZA for not backing her up with her false claims against Russell Crowe. She is so angry at RZA that she has cut him out of her life on both a personal and professional level.

It’s been reported that she was working on a deal with RZA’s record label for the past 3 weeks, but when one of RZA’s representatives called her to close the deal — she stated that she no longer wanted to work with RZA.

So what’s the point of view of RZA and his associates concerning Azealia’s behavior? They are insisting that she is simply “full of it” and that she was completely in the wrong.

From our point of view, RZA made a wise decision in not supporting Azealia’s wild behavior.

Basic manners dictates that when you are a guest at an event — you ACT like a guest. If you threaten people, the host of the event is well within his right to throw you out. It’s obvious that no one ever told Azealia Banks about these things.

Will Azealia Banks ever apologize to Russell Crowe and RZA for acting like a “ghetto queen”? Well let’s just say that we at Celebrity Harpy will NOT be holding our breath for that one.

Originally published at Celebrity Harpy Daily.

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