BREAKING NEWS — Angelina Jolie DIVORCES Brad Pitt

Here’s some news that will send shockwaves around Hollywood. After years of being together as one of Hollywood’s most popular couples, Angelina Jolie has finally decided to file divorce papers against her husband, Brad Pitt.

She stated her reasons for filing for divorce under the vague term of “irreconcilable differences.”

“Irreconcilable Differences” is a term that people use in divorce cases allot — and it doesn’t actually mean anything. Luckily, Angelina decided to be a tad more specific about her reasons.

She’s asking for physical custody of their six children and she’s also asking to give Brad visitation rights. She does NOT however, want to give him “joint custody.”

Looks like Angelina is calling the shots here — as is the case in most divorces.

So what exactly made Angelina file for divorce?

It apparently has to do with the way in which Brad was parenting their children. She claims to be extremely upset with his methods. Was Brad abusive to the kids? We’ll find out soon enough.

So thus ends another Hollywood fairy tale marriage. These two have been together since 2004 and they got married in 2014. With such a short marriage timeline, it would have been better if they never got married in the first place.

Well at least there’s one silver lining for Brad. Angelina Jolie is NOT asking for spousal support — she is a millionaire after all. It won’t look good for her reputation if she has to constantly bug Brad for money.

Story written by V Lancaster

Originally published at Celebrity Harpy Daily.

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