Bruno Mars Announces “24K Magic” World Tour

Remember Bruno Mars? After making his previous album (Unorthodox Jukebox), he’s been quietly working on his next album. Well now he’s back with a brand new album called “24K Magic”. The title song (with the same name) has become an instant hit on the music charts.

Now Bruno is taking his newest album to the next level. He recently announced on his Instagram account the official dates for his “24K Magic World Tour”. The tour starts in 2017.

Bruno Mars will begin his nine-month musical tour from Antwerp, Belgium in March. He will then be touring around Europe until returning back to the United States on July 15, where he will perform in Las Vegas, Nevada at the T-Mobile Arena.

The tour will then continue as he has dates planned in several venues in Canada and across America. He will then finally wrap up the tour in Los Angeles, California at The Forum on November 11th 2017.

Tickets for his concerts go on sale on Monday, November 21st. You can however get early access tickets to all 85 concert shows by making a pre-order purchase of his “24K Magic” album, that will be released on November 18th.

If you would like to see the dates for the concerts, you can check out the promotional poster below that he placed on his Instagram account.

Don’t forget to also check out the latest hit song from Bruno Mars, “24K Magic”. The official music video is shown below. It’s a catchy tune, that’s for sure.

bruno mars 24k magic world tour

Originally published at Celebrity Harpy Daily.

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