Kanye West Attacks Beyonce and Jay Z, Cancels L.A. Concert

Remember back in 2009 when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s award speech? Back then, he was complaining that Beyonce should have won instead. Everybody jumped down Kanye’s throat for pulling that dumb stunt. Even outgoing president Barack Obama chimed in, calling Kanye an “idiot” for disrespecting Taylor Swift.

Well it looks like the tables have turned.

Kanye had some harsh words for Beyonce when he recently held a concert in Sacramento. So why is Kanye now against her? It’s because Beyonce recently stated that she would only perform at the 2016 VMAs if she won the night’s top honor, Video of the Year for her “Formation” song. She competed and won against Kanye and Drake.

The “hubris” is all over the place with these entertainers.

But that’s not all. Kanye also had some harsh words for Beyonce’s husband, Jay Z. He’s mad at Jay Z for not respecting him enough to return a phone call.

Remember the days when people paid good money to see someone SING in a concert, not complain?

In other “Crazy Kanye” news …

Kanye was supposed to do another concert at The Forum in Los Angeles — but he cancelled his performance just a few hours before he was set to take the stage. This concert was already a rescheduled show from earlier this month, when he decided to cut it short and walked off the stage. That time, he said that his voice was “giving trouble” so he left before it got any worse.

So why did he cancel an “already rescheduled” concert this time? It’s being reported that he cancelled the concert to take care of some personal issues. But who knows what his real reasons are?

Kanye West has proven himself to be one of the most confusing entertainers out there in the music industry. What crazy stunt will he pull next? We don’t know — but you can rely on us to give you the latest news when it happens.

Originally published at Celebrity Harpy Daily.