Kim Kardashian — My New Security Detail Will Shoot You

The experience from the Paris robbery really shook up Kim Kardashian. We previously reported her low key return to the United States, now it looks like she’s beefing up her security detail.

Unlike her previous security, her new security detail will be packing heat — and lots of it. She’s sparing no expense to get the kind of security that only government officials would get.

She’s making it quite clear that if anyone tries to rob her again, they’ll be full of holes before they even know what hit them.

Kim Kardashian’s new security detail.

So what makes up her new security detail? It’s been reported as follows:

1. Her new security detail will include former members of the Secret Service, who will be fully armed at all times.

2. She will always have a minimum of at least two armed security personnel with her — whenever she goes outside her house.

3. She will be driven in a new car — which will be “armored”

Looks like she’s getting the “presidential security” treatment.

It’s been reported that Kim has had meetings with some ex-special force members from the Israeli army, ex-CIA agents and also former Secret Service members. On Kanye’s part, he has also met with the owners of two top security firms.

So would the other members of the Kardashian family get the same level of security treatment? Well it’s been reported that Kris Jenner is planning to get security for Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie.

So what is happening with Kim’s former security guard, Pascal Duvier? Well it looks like for the time being, he’s still got his job. He’s been with the Kardashian family since 2012, and with all the hype and accusations still going around, he should consider himself lucky that he does not have to go looking for employment somewhere else.

Originally published at Celebrity Harpy Daily.

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