Mariah Carey Blames Scientology and Demands Mansion

So you’re probably asking yourself “what kind of crazy headline is that” or “what in the world is Mariah Carey up to now”? These are all valid questions and you’ll get your answers in this article.

You’re probably aware of the news by now that Mariah Carey and her husband, James Packer, are going through a bitter divorce right about now — but what Mariah is demanding borders on hilarious.

Mariah Carey was ordered out of the house that she was sharing with billionaire James Packer, but she’s refusing to leave and is instead demanding that James must buy her an L.A. mansion as PART of a settlement.

Now before you scroll down to the comments section to type your comment, keep this in mind. Mariah Carey was already a famous millionaire LONG BEFORE she met James Packer. She’s not going to be on “welfare checks” anytime soon. In other words — she can more than afford her own place.

But her claims get even crazier.

According to reports, she doesn’t blame the divorce on her husband, James. She is instead putting the blame squarely on famed, former Scientology mentor Tommy Davis. If you don’t know who Tommy Davis is, well let’s just say that he also worked with Tom Cruise — and we all know how deeply Tom Cruise is into Scientology.

Mariah is claiming that Tommy Davis influenced James, by telling him that he was spending way too much money on lavish gifts for her.

Translation …

Mariah did not like the fact that someone else was telling James to manage his money and control his spending habits.

We can’t have that now, can we? (Epic Sarcasm).

It’s been reported that James brought Tommy in to help him curb his wasteful spending. So it would seem that Tommy was brought in as a money management consultant. Mariah says that her husband’s attitude changed, ever since he met Tommy.

It’s pretty obvious to us at Celebrity Harpy, what’s really going on here.

After meeting Tommy, James is no longer wasting money on Mariah — and Mariah is PISSED OFF about that. In return, she wants to leave James — and leave a dent in his pocket book.

Mariah Carey is demanding $50 million dollars along with an L.A. mansion. Apparently, hell hath no fury like a “Spoiled Entitled Female Millionaire” scorned.

Go ahead and blame everything but yourself, Mariah.

Originally published at Celebrity Harpy Daily.

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