Prologue: Growth

In the beginning, life started off with a single cell. Just this one tiny speck in the vast primitive oceans of a young Earth went on to evolve into an abundant biosphere that we see today. I think that over time the slow but sure series of adaptation, mutation and evolution of anything can morph a simple speck of anything to an indisputable mammoth. Then, we come to this thought experiment, which isn’t so much just a thought anymore.

I have a theory or rather a simple game that I want to play for the next few years, more or less. I want to start with a really simple button, which I’m going to name ‘Ava’ as per suggestion and see what I can do to change it, tweak it, twist it, evolve it, and warp it into a different thing. See different avenues and rollback to different branches if a fork arises and I’ve chosen a dead end.

Meet ‘Ava’ the button.

She’s just a simple rectangular button that doesn’t really do anything in particular right now. In fact, she’s just a simple shape in a prototyping software right now.