Celo Team Updates | January 2019

Hello from Tanzania! The past month, we’ve been prepping for the pilot with the UN World Food Programme, wrapping up research exploring the inclusivity of Proof-of-Work versus Proof-of-Stake, building the protocol, and growing the team.

Which is More Inclusive: Proof-of-Work or Proof-of-Stake?

Choosing a consensus algorithm is more than a technical design choice: it’s about determining who to involve, how to involve them, and where to delegate power. Which do you think is more inclusive?

Special thanks to all of the community members who let us interview you throughout the research process.

Celo’s First Hackathon

For 24 hours, the Celo team developed 7 innovative projects focused on product, protocol, and growing our ecosystem. Check out our video, created during the hackathon, that gives you a sneak peak into life at Celo. We’re continuing to grow our team and would love to chat more if you’re interested in joining the team.

On the Road in Tanzania

This month, we’re doing research Nyarugusu refugee camp and Dar es Salaam for a pilot with the UN World Food Programme. More details to follow post research and workshops. We’re also hosting a community event on February 8th in Dar es Salaam — spread the word!

Say Hello in Person

Meet the core Celo team at these upcoming events.

Jan 30-Feb 1, Stanford Blockchain Conference, Stanford, USA

Feb 6, Blockchain For Social Impact Panel at UC Berkeley, Berkeley, USA

Feb 8, Hello from Celo, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

We are also hosting small gatherings in Seoul, Tokyo and Singapore in early February. Please email community@celo.org if you’re interested in joining.

About Celo

Celo is building infrastructure and products for financial inclusion utilizing the power of blockchain technology. Our mission is to build a monetary system that creates the conditions for prosperity for all. The first application launching on our platform is a social payments and cash transfer app, aimed at developing markets.