Celo Team Updates | October 2018

The Next Adjacent Possible

The crypto community has been talking a lot about an article that Dani Grantand Nick Grossman wrote on how applications and infrastructure evolve in tandem. The post, written by Marek Olszewski, Celo’s CTO, questions thepopular narrative that the blockchain community is currently in a protracted infrastructure building phase.

How We Work

Imagine if the structure of your organization were designed to hear and elevate ideas and creativity from all levels of your company. And with that organizational support and trust — how much more creative you feel.

We’re doing things differently at Celo and redesigning how we work from the ground up.

Technical Updates

In the last month we’ve been making improvements to the core protocol and mobile app design. We’ve continued working on the auction mechanism needed to maintain token stability and building a reliable production environment.

New Roles on the Celo Team

Besides being really good at sports, we’re a fun mission-driven crew

Want to implement, test, and audit the consensus and privacy portions ofthe Celo protocol? Apply for our new Senior Cryptography Engineer role.

We’re also hiring for a Project Manager in Southeast Asia.

Say Hello in Person

Meet the core Celo team at these upcoming events.

Oct 30-Nov 2 | Devcon4 | Prague, Czech Republic 
Nov 13–15 | AfricaCom | Cape Town, South Africa 
Nov 18–20 | Revision | Berlin, Germany