Celo Updates | April 2019

Hola from Colombia! User research with Venezuelan migrants, new partnership with GiveDirectly, technical blog posts, and an invitation to #MyFirstCryptoWallet event.

GiveDirectly + Celo

GiveDirectly will use the Celo platform to enable easy, fast, low-fee transfers of digital currency to families in need in West Africa. Recipients can then save or spend the digital currency with local merchants to purchase food, clothing and other items to improve their livelihoods.

To our knowledge, this is the first time an international NGO will be using an open and truly decentralized blockchain to distribute aid at this scale. Celo’s open and decentralized protocol means cost savings for implementers and more money in the hands of beneficiaries. Keep Reading.

Hola from Colombia

Last week, the team working on Celo completed user research with Venezuelan migrants. We’re still processing our insights and will be sharing our learnings around remittances and the newly unbanked with the community.


New to crypto? We’re hosting an introductory event on the evening of June 6th in San Francisco. Learn about the fundamentals of crypto and download your first crypto wallet, together. Request an Invite.

Diving into the Celo Price Stability Protocol

Despite many potential advantages over regular (or “fiat”) currencies, people have been slow to adopt cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange. We believe that this is in large part due to the price volatility of today’s most popular cryptocurrencies. Users may hesitate to use a cryptocurrency for purchases or to pay back friends if the price fluctuates each day. In the same sense, merchants who might accept cryptocurrency would typically then convert payments immediately to fiat so that their cost base is predictable. For a currency to be a useful medium of exchange, it must be able to maintain a stable value. Enter: stablecoins. Keep Reading.

A Look at the Celo White Paper

The Celo white paper summarizes the project’s approach to making it straightforward for anyone with a smartphone anywhere in the world to maintain a current account, send money to friends, and pay merchants. The project embraces a full-stack approach, where many innovations at different layers combine to make the technology stack meet the needs of the community’s various stakeholders.

There’s a lot of detail in there, and this blog post aims to unpack some that detail. We will take a tour of the key components: subsequent posts will dive into the technical aspects of the various elements presented here. Keep Reading.

Say Hello in Person

Meet the team working on Celo at these upcoming events:

May 15 | The Peer 150 | San Francisco, USA 
May 17 | Data Terra Nemo | Berlin, Germany
June 19 | FORTUNE Brainstorm Finance | Montauk, USA