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Announcing the Grand Prize Winners of Celo Camp Batch 3!

Let’s get down to business. Celo Camp is passionate about you — the founder, the startup, the developer, the creator, looking to build and grow your startup. We’re also passionate about contributing to Celo’s mission of “creating prosperity for all.” Not just an accelerator, Celo Camp is a place with a larger goal of contributing to the creation of a thriving ecosystem of successful and collaborative startups that are building open financial systems resulting in prosperity — for everyone.

Over the course of the past 8-weeks, 22 rising startups from 15+ countries participated in Celo Camp. These teams focused on refining their goals, pitch, and structure, while integrating their dApps with the Celo platform. Batch 3 culminated with the Idea Fair — Celo Camp’s demo day, where the top startups in the cohort were voted in to pitch to the community, investors, and mentors from organizations like a16z, Electric Capital, NFX, Collider Ventures, ParaFi Capital, Teller Finance, Galaxy Digital, and many more.

“I highly recommend Celo Camp to every founder who’s exploring building on Celo. This is a world-class program that guides you from idea to launch. You’ll be matched with top-notch mentors and experience Celo’s like-minded, friendly community that feels like a family.” — Florian Rehm, Wildchain

Celo Camp continues to help startups thrive well beyond demo day. Teams go on to raise, receive grants, collaborate with other contributors in the ecosystem, and as alumni members, they enjoy the continued support from Celo Camp and cLabs.

“Celo Camp serves as a spark to building in the Celo ecosystem efficiently. Imagine a bootstrap guide to increase your chance for product adoption and success — that’s Celo Camp.” — Robby Greenfield, Emerging Impact (Umoja)

After receiving 274 applications from 75 countries and a successful third batch, Celo Camp would like to announce the top 2 winners and the Celo Tenet Award recipients of Batch 3! Congrats to the Coco team who received Celo Camp’s Gold Prize of 10,000 cUSD and 2,000 CELO and Dahlia Finance who received the Silver Prize of 5,000 cUSD and 1,000 CELO!

Coco — Celo Camp’s Gold Prize Winner

The Coco Team

Coco and Celo: Coco builds payment alternatives for migrants to support their loved ones back home and are laying the rails for a new crypto-wallet that will disrupt the +$500B remittances market. They started with Venezuela 2 years ago, had a 1,114% YoY growth, made +$1M in net revenue in 2020 and have over 100k users.

During Celo Camp, the Coco team built an e-wallet to allow unbanked families to receive money and purchase goods easily, store funds and pay using USD in a simple way. “We needed an efficient blockchain to build a low fee payment system for Venezuela. After some research we found Celo and it’s low fee infrastructure. So we decided to apply to Celo Camp and become part of the Celo community. During the 8 week program, our team was able to build the first version of the wallet. The workshops and mentors provided a lot of help on things such as: tech issues, legal, among others.” stated Kevin Charles, co-founder at Coco.

Coco’s Mission: Coco’s mission is to be the largest and most efficient remittances company in the world and provide effective financial rails to the recipient economies.

Next Steps: Coco plans to be consolidated as the leader in Venezuela by remittances market-share this year and then expand to Mexico, Argentina, Nigeria, and the Philippines. They plan to deploy their wallet to their 100k remitter base.

Follow Coco: @coconecta_ve


For more information:

Dahlia Finance — Celo Camp’s Silver Prize Winner

Robert Leifke and Kyle Scott, co-founders of Dahlia Finance

Dahlia and Celo: Dahlia is a leveraged yield farming protocol on top of the Celo blockchain. It is similar to Alpha Homora in that it uses a set of smart contracts to significantly improve utilization of lend out funds and provide them as undercollateralized leverage for yield farmers looking to maximize their gains. Unique to Dahlia, and as a benefit of being on a PoS chain, the interest bearing token that is given in exchange for lending CELO, cUSD, or cEUR will accrue interest on top of a stable rate coming from a liquid staking rewards token. All in all, Dahlia provides simplicity with leverage to yield farm and outsized interest for lenders.

On Celo Camp, Robert Leifke, co-founder at Dahlia Finance, stated

“It’s a fantastic launchpad for any team looking to help build a more inclusive financial system! For us, it was quintessential in giving us visibility to top-notch investors, mentorship, and technical guidance, providing us with a remarkable opportunity to put our project on a fast track to success!”

Dahlia’s Mission: For co-founders Robert and Kyle, both computer science majors at the University of Michigan, Dahlia’s mission is to help on-board the world to high yield savings accounts-paying out interest rates that can be truly life changing.

Next Steps: Dahlia Finance will be deploying v1 of Dahlia next month and with the goal of infusing the Celo DeFi ecosystem with ample liquidity. In effect, bringing more users to DeFi on Celo and making protocols more capital efficient.

Follow Dahlia: @dahlia_finance


For more information:

*Dahlia logo credits: Ann Gao, UX design at Dahlia

The Celo Tenet Awards

The Tenet Awards are awarded to teams whose projects embody Celo’s community tenets: designing for all, striving for beauty, innovating on money, and embracing humility.

The Celo Foundation has awarded 8 teams with the Celo Tenet Award of 2,000 cUSD and 500 CELO each: Wildchain, Kresko, Goodghosting, Infibridge, Cent Finance, Award Pool, Coinprofile, and Ethtrust.

The Celo Foundation has also awarded The Design for All Tenet Award of 1,200 cUSD and 500 CELO each to VoicePay, Agriut, and Flywallet.

Additionally, the following teams have been awarded with The Innovating On Money Award of 500 CELO each: Congratulations to Cryptum, Ensuro, Bloinx, Honeycoin, Honoro, Knoxedge,, Umoja, Dappquery, and Xeggo.

Celo Camp is proud to welcome these incredible 22 Celo Camp teams to our list of Alumni. We look forward to following the growth of their dApps and their contributions to the Celo ecosystem and the future of decentralized finance!

Lastly, congratulations to the 14 participants of the Startup Pathway program!

What is the Startup Pathway?

The Startup Pathway, created and run by Upright in collaboration with cLabs, is a virtual educational program for early-stage startups and solid builders entering the Celo ecosystem. As a “lighter” version of Celo Camp, over the course of 6-weeks, Startup Pathway teams are presented with educational resources, deliverables, and mentorship from cLabs and Upright to jump start their ventures and Celo integration. Out of 14 teams that graduated Startup Pathway, Flywallet was voted in to present at Celo Camp’s Idea Fair as a wild card entry and also received The Design for All Celo Award.

Congratulations to the following Startup Pathway teams for receiving the following awards:

Best Mission Aligned Award of 200 CELO each: Offset-Go and Digi Options

Best Community Award of 200 CELO each: Icebakers

Startup Pathway Award of 100 CELO each: GIDN, Black Magic, EduCoin, Peyem, Phnxcash,, Aya, Citizen, DUSH, Atletec, Re-Sourcery, Fluidity

Speaking about his time in Startup Pathway and building on Celo, Thomas Negrit, co-founder at Flywallet, stated “The Startup Pathway was amazing. It gave us the opportunity to push the envelope on fintech’s reach by making Flywallet more globally accessible through blockchain technology. The more you explore, the more you want to build on Celo and contribute to it’s incredible community.”

Congrats to all the Celo Camp and Startup Pathway teams on their awards and accomplishments! We are looking forward to Celo Camp Batch 4’s arrival in September. To join the Celo Camp journey apply for batch 4 today!

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Celo Camp enjoying donuts in celebration of Demo Day and the Donut Hardfork




Celo is a carbon-negative, L1 protocol with a rich ecosystem of global partners building Web3, mobile-first applications to create a more accessible and inclusive global financial system. Visit to learn more about the Celo community, contributors, and technology.

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