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How the Grameen Foundation Successfully Delivered Humanitarian Aid to 3,500 Micro Entrepreneurs Using Celo’s Blockchain

With the support of the Alliance for Prosperity and Valora app, the benefits of cryptocurrencies were made accessible to everyone

Nemia in her store in Manila

Over half of beneficiaries had previously never downloaded an application, used mobile money, nor shopped online

Insights from participant survey (n=195) on previous experience with using money on their mobile phones

Integrating Grameen’s systems on the Celo Platform

How participants were onboarded to Valora and Celo’s technology solution
Beneficiary placing an order through the Beam and Go microsite

What was possible with Valora

Grameen-Celo COVID-19 RELIEF Program by the numbers

Key learnings from the project

COVID-19 has presented an opportunity for NGOs like Grameen to reimagine their operating models. This is just the beginning.

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Angelo Paolo Kalaw

Angelo Paolo Kalaw

Research and innovation at Celo Foundation. Former central banker and economist. Interested in public innovation, financial inclusion and economic empowerment.