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The What of the Celo Coin (Part 3 of 3)

Celo Coins

The Celo Coin Series

“The What of the Celo Coin (Part 3 of 3)” is the third of three blog posts that unpacks “The Why”, “The How”, and “The What” of the Celo Coin, a brand asset used generously across

This article articulates what the Celo Coin represents, the different kinds of coins as characters, and their respective motives, personalities, and behaviors.

Here are definitions that may help you digest this series:

Celo — The open platform making financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone

C Labs — The founding team building Celo

Thank you for your curiosity in Celo Design and for reading along.

You are valued.

What are they?

Celo Coins are an integral part of experiencing Celo. If the Celo Experience was a story, the coins are meaningful objects and characters within it. They are found all over, Celo mobile applications, communication — social posts and printed materials, and the C Labs’ blog.

While Celo Coins are pervasive, not all of them are the same. This article breaks down the coins and functions as a graphic legend to better comprehend the Celo visual experience.

Celo Coins as Characters

Celo Coins are rendered in different colors, hollow and solid, and together and separate. Each type of coin are an abstraction of different elements of the Celo Experience. They individually have a unique purpose and represent different things depending on the instance.

Celo Coin Legend

Green Coin

The Green Coin represents the Celo platform, Celo Dollar (cUSD), someone developing or designing on Celo, an end-user, or a payment.

Spot Illustration of a Green Coin from

Character and Behavior
The Green Coin has a “hard worker” mentality. It is cooperative and collaborative — willing to go anywhere for anyone. It moves with whimsical lightness and passes through solid objects with ease. The Green Coin has a purpose, direction, and a modest self-awareness of its own value.

It embodies Celo technological values — intuitive, understated, inclusive, and functional.

Gold Coin

The Gold Coin represents the Celo protocol and Celo Gold (cGLD)

Expansion mechanism: Celo USD issued by the protocol and sold to market for Celo Gold

Character and Behavior
The Gold Coin fluctuates in size by expanding and contracting to serve all coins. Often the Gold Coin physically props other coins from beneath them.

Hollow Coins

Hollow Coins represents anyone interested in Celo, potential contributors to the platform, and users yet to join the network.

Hollow Coin seeking value from a solid Green Coin

Character and Behavior
A Hollow Coin is looking for value. They intrinsically know to seek value by engaging with solid coins. They may wander without purpose, and when stressed, operate out of scarcity.

Hollow Coins are vulnerable but hopeful, compared to their confident and swift solid coin counter parts.

Color Coins

Color Coins represent apps built on top of Celo, entities building on Celo, local and functionally differentiated stable coins. Each color has their own unique purpose but cooperate amongst other coins to achieve common goals.

Spot Illustrations of Color Coins to explain Celo Tenets

Character and Behavior
Color Coins act and behave similarly to the Green Coin and exemplify Celo Tenets. All coins move on a path that can be visible or invisible.

Roll of Coins

A Roll of Coins represents the diversity of the Celo Platform, the Celo Platform’s growth, and Celo as a movement. A roll can move along a visible Coin Path.

Individual coins of a roll may diverge and converge but ultimately unite with the greater group. Coins can be of different colors, when together they move in a line and their colors overlap multiplicatively to show their connection to one another.

A Roll of Coins used for a hackathon poster in Buenos Aires

Character and Behavior
Coins that diverge from a lead Coin Path do not have less value than the lead coin. Rolls can have expressive individual coins with varied use cases that serve different use cases, populations, and values.

All coins are welcome.

Coin Path

A Coin Path shows what direction a coin is headed. Coins move smoothly along paths with a floating sensation. Coins may experience internal or external factors that cause friction or turbulence to get where they need to go.

The first coin of a roll is the lead coin. The lead coin determines the shared color of a path.

Coin Path from animation

Character and Behavior
Coin paths are either geometric and logical (ex. parabolas) or beautiful and expressive (ex. line art) having to do with what the purpose of the coin.

Circular Coins

Circular Coins, hollow or solid, are not Celo Coins. They represent existing fiat or other crypto currencies. They do not have the same abilities that Celo Coins do including: passing through objects and color overlapping with other coins. They are heavier in weight and move slowly, if they move at all.

Circular Coins a part of an illustration of Celo’s Values


Shoutout to Aaron Deruvo, UI Developer, for his work on throughout all of the website. His developing skills have improved to accommodate our design and vision for and it’s a pleasure to make and imagine Celo visual communications with him.


Thank you for reading along!

C Labs has big plans for these coins of which include getting everyone in the Celo Ecosystem creatively involved with them (stay tuned). I encourage you to check them out in action on,, and

Hero Images from web pages

If you would like to read more about How or Why anyone would write about coin illustrations and the visual system they are apart of, check out The How of the Celo Coin (Part 2 of 3) and The Why of the Celo Coin (Part 1 of 3).

“How beautiful can life be? We hardly dare imagine it.’

— Charles Eisenstein.




Celo is a carbon-negative, L1 protocol with a rich ecosystem of global partners building Web3, mobile-first applications to create a more accessible and inclusive global financial system. Visit to learn more about the Celo community, contributors, and technology.

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