Celsius Network Weekly AMA — February 26, 2021

With special guest Trunshedda W. Ramos, VP, People and Nicholas Merten (DataDash)

Another week, another AMA!

👩‍💼 Special Guest, Trunshedda and Celsius HR

The AMA opened with an introduction from this week’s special guest, Trunshedda, who runs HR for the company and what they look for when recruiting. It was mentioned that Celsius is currently recruiting over 100 people and is looking for exceptional talent to support its growth, including improved customer support with improved metrics covered in a later part of the AMA. Celsius has grown from 99 staff members in 2020 to 150 at present, excluding contractors.

On a sidenote, Alex then spent a segment to comment on the predatory nature of traditional credit cards, the dangers of compounding debt interest and how Celsius can be a solution. He then went on to provide updates as summarised below.

Later, Trunshedda also announced a new Celsius Opportunities inquiry line (as part of the Careers page on the website) to allow for talent to be able to express interest in working for Celsius. This allows Celsius to quickly assess and respond to interested candidates more efficiently.

💰 P.S. Scroll to the bottom for current Celsius promo and referral codes.

🚀 Celsius Updates

Alex ran through a number of updates for Celsius and later summarised this at the end of the AMA:

  • New co-invest feature: In addition to self-insurance, swaps, credit card, and other features previously announced and in progress, there will be a new feature to allow users to co-invest with Celsius on various endeavours (e.g mining business) and will share details in due course.
  • Earning additional yield with CEL: A top 10 project has chosen the CEL token which means that Celsius can start with a first deployment of $50m to generate yield. This means that there will be movement in the CEL treasury (which has been dormant for years). The CEL token will be provided as collateral to earn yield, therefore unlocking value from the pool of assets that was previously untapped.
  • Earn in CEL by default: Celsius released a new v4.8 version of the app in which users earn automatically in CEL by default.
  • Listing on 2 exchanges coming soon
  • 🇫🇷 French website now available
  • A referesher of Cel Bites (short videos) which are now available for viewing from the Celsius YouTube channel. These videos are intended to be easy to consume and shared.

📺 Special guest 2nd largest crypto YouTuber, Nicholas Merten (DataDash)

The segmented started with an introduction to Nicholas Merten, a crypto YouTube influencer with 395,000 followers on his DataDash channel. The conversation then covered various aspects of crypto:

  • Predictions and where the industry is heading including a Bitcoin price prediction of $100,000 — $200,000 and expanding cycle theory.
  • State of DeFi and Ethereum gas fees, scalability and Layer 2 solutions including Alex commenting that Celsius has earned over $360m of interest for its customers, by lending to market makers which takes advantage of the arbitrage between various markets including DeFi such as Uniswap, and using protocols like Aave and Compound. Alex further commented that Celsius has done more business in 2021 than all of 2020, showcasing the company’s growth.
  • Celsius earning its customers yield creating a clear value proposition, especially when compared to traditional banks
  • NFTs, what it is and why it is an emerging area in crypto

❤️ Community Questions

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  • WEB40: Deposit $200 in any asset, get $40 in Bitcoin after 30 days (must be first promo code, for new users only).
  • TRUST: Deposit $2000 in any asset, get $50 reward after 30 days.
  • BANTER20: Deposit $1000 in any asset, get $20 reward after 30 days.
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