Celsius Network Weekly AMA– January 15, 2021

With Alex Mashinsky and Zach Wildes, Community Manager, and Shehan Chandrasekera, Head of Tech Strategy at CoinTracker

Gradients on gradients on gradients! 🌅

Updates with Alex

Tax Q&A Session with Shehan Chandrasekera, CPA, Head of Tech Strategy at CoinTracker

Q: What other crypto advice can you give us about good things and bad things that people do when they file crypto taxes?

Q: A lot of us are getting great rewards every Monday, but we’re not having any of it taken out for taxes. What should be we doing tax-wise for that throughout the year?

Community Questions

Q: When is the Celsius dating app coming?

Q: Where can I buy CEL token affordably?

Q: Can I pay off my loan early?

Q: Will Celsius continue to support XRP?

Q: What are the top two things that make Celsius different from their competitors?

Q: Why has customer service been so bad recently?

Q: Could you tell us what the stats are like since the beginning of the year?

Q: Why do you no longer have a 33% LTV option for CEL token?

Q: Do you have an update on the web app?

Q: Last week we were unsure if there were one or two mega deals, could you clarify?

Q: Can Celsius continue to grow at the same pace it has for the past few years?

Q: Once in-app swaps are live, will all assets be swappable or just ERC-20s?

Q: Was there a team bonus at $3? Were those tokens sold?

Q: When will the card be coming? Will it be debit or credit?

Q: Do Europeans have the option to take their loans in Euros?

Q: Is Celsius still planning to add DOT?

Q: Is it possible to have a limited account for children or grandchildren?

Q: Alex, what is the meaning of life?

Q: Can non-profits open a Celsius account?

Q: When taking a loan, if the borrow rate is 7%, but the rewards are higher, do I get to keep the difference?

Q: Why is the APY for MATIC and SNX so high?

Q: Can US members take out loans?

Q: Could we raise our LTV on a loan instead of adding more collateral when we get a margin call?

Q: What can users do to ease the burden on the support team?

Q: Is there an interest calculator in the app so we can estimate how much we’ll make?

Q: Alex, what’s your opinion on hyperbitcoinization? Why are all of these countries and people buying Bitcoin?

Q: Is there a plan to allow CEL token to be used to pay back loans?

Q: What happens to my wallet when I pass away? What will my family need to do to recover those funds?

Q: How can you assure us that user’s funds are safe at Celsius?

Q: How is usastrong.io working with Celsius to help attract female business owners?

Q: When will I as a US accredited investor be able to earn in CEL token?

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