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Introduction to NERDi MOODi

Hello, everyone!

This is CeluvPlay that creates a world that becomes one via webtoon and NFT.

We will inform you of the news and progress regarding CeluvPlay from now on.


Today, we are going to briefly talk about webtoons and NFT based on CeluvPlay’s Celebrity.

CeluvPlay produces its own webtoon based on Celebrity.

The scenario of webtoon was written by Cho Hye-bin, the main writer of the KBS drama “Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho” and contains a good story and dramatic elements unlike mass produced webtoons.

Users can enjoy webtoon contents as well as broadcasting, and NFT based on webtoon characters and items is issued so that users can experience various things on the platform.

Webtoon (NERDi MOODi)

Let’s briefly talk about the characters and the background!

CeluvPlay’s own webtoon “NERDi MOODi” is a webtoon that tells the story of aliens living on the planet of Moodi, which is on the verge of destruction, overcoming the crisis by meeting celebrities wandering various planets to find a planet to settle on.

Webtoons are seasonal and will be updated once a week with a total of 15 episodes.

Please look forward to the stories of many celebrities with their friends on the planet of Moodi!


CeluvPlay’s NFT is based on NERDi MOODi webtoon characters.

Users can experience the main characters in the story through NFT, which is modeled after celebrities and residents of various planets in the webtoon.

NERDi MOODi NFT offers users multiple benefits to increase the value of their holdings.

We will inform you of the schedule, quantity, price, and benefits of NERDi MOODi_NFT in the following announcement.

In conclusion

Today, we introduced CeluvPlay’s webtoon “NERDi MOODi”.

Next time, we will introduce CeluvPlay’s community and DAO.

Thank you.



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