Cent • your digital coin stash

We all have a box or a sock somewhere filled with some coins. Saving up for a bicycle or a new pair of shoes. But how much do you have in that piggy bank? Cent helps you keep track of your own coin stash. You can easily add and remove coins so you’ll always know how much you have!

Since I’ve been a little kid playing in the sand and eating dirt, I kept some sort of piggy bank with pocket change. 
When grandma came to visit I could always put a few euro’s in it, and when I wanted to buy some candy or Magic the Gathering trading cards I took a few euro’s out of my piggy bank.

So, every once in a while I turned my piggy bank upside down to count my collection of coins.

While this was quite fun to do, when I recently had to do it again I thought, ‘There has to be an app for that’. But there wasn’t one simple enough to meet my needs.

So I designed one. And with the help of Niels Boymanns we were able to build it.

The app

Cent • your digital coin stash


Free vs PROcent

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Thanks for checking in, we hope you like the app.

— Mark Verlijsdonk