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BitMax Supports $CNTR Staking

CNTR tokens will be available for staking on BitMax, a next-generation digital asset trading platform that allows users to participate in staking and earn rewards seamlessly on the platform.

Increasing utility and value of CNTR tokens is paramount to Centaur’s success. Staking on BitMax will increase adoption rate for CNTR tokens as retail and institutional clients have a direct option to yield on CNTR. Staking on CNTR liquidity pools will be available before end of October 2020.

The staking campaign requires CNTR token holders to stake CNTR tokens on BitMax for rewards. The link to the upcoming staking campaign can be found (here).

Key Dates:

Status: Staking Live at BitMax

Estimated APR: 60% APY, ~1.15% per week, (81.58% compounded)

Unbounding period: 7 days

Campaign period: 14 Oct 2020- 14 Nov 2020

Stay tuned as we release more information about our upcoming partnerships who will be supporting Centaur!

About BitMax:

BitMax.io is a Singapore-registered digital asset trading platform servicing retail and institutional clients across the globe. BitMax was formally launched in August 2018 with a mission to ‘support financial market innovation and advancement of the crypto economy through building upon a series of open and fair market rules to the liquidity of the overall market, enhance market depth, and support blockchain structural optimization.

About Centaur:

By combining the best elements of decentralised finance with measured regulatory control, Centaur is bridging DeFi and traditional finance. For more information, please take at a look at our website or join our Telegram community discussion group and announcement channel.

You can also go through our whitepaper or play around with our testnet block explorer and liquidity pool (Ethereum Ropsten).

For more information, please take at a look at our:

· Official Website

· Telegram Discussion Group

· Telegram Announcement Channel

· Twitter


· Testnet Block Explorer

· Liquidity Pool (Ethereum Ropsten)

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