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2 min readJul 16, 2021

Dear Centaurians,

Today we are excited to announce an exciting new opportunity for the Centaur community to earn CNTR tokens while contributing to the growth of the ecosystem — The Centaur Bounty Program.

The Centaur Bounty Program allows Centaur supporters and community members to earn CNTR tokens as a reward for completing certain tasks. These tasks range from simple tasks such as the promotion of Centaur on social media channels to advanced tasks such as translation of official Centaur resources. As the scope of the bounty program increases, we will be introducing additional tasks for different talents.

How to participate in the Centaur Community Campaign

Centaur believes the community is the heart of any successful project and that is why the bounty program isn’t exclusive. Anyone from the Centaur community can participate in the program.

Participation in the Centaur Bounty Program is quite simple and straightforward.

  • Join the official Centaur Bounty Program group to find the latest bounties available — : https://t.me/cntr_bounty
  • Check with the admin regarding the status/timelines of a task.
  • Complete the given task!
  • Submit the link of the completed task in the Google Form : https://forms.gle/WgUWnCopu2KfXQ5f6
  • The admins will verify the completed task.
  • Upon successful verification, CNTR rewards will be sent to the given ERC20 address.


The initial payout rates for the bounty tasks will be as follows:

Based on community feedback, the payout rates and activities can be changed accordingly. The guidelines and more information about the tasks will be shared by the admin in the official Centaur Bounty Program group. Rewards will be tallied and distributed on a weekly basis (a minimum of $50 worth of rewards per participant must be accumulated before distribution).

Please join the official Centaur community to learn more about Centaur.

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