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Centaur Kicks-Off Native Staking at 120% APR

Centaur is excited to bring to you our very first native staking that will happen on staking.cntr.finance

The high APR of 120% (~214% with compounding) will only be for this first version of CNTR staking to reward our early supporters and to encourage user-learning on our platform.

Time of Launch: 4pm (GMT+8)

Date of Launch: October 26, 2020

Conditions to stake your CNTR

  • You have to have a Metamask wallet to interact with the staking user-interface
  • There is no minimum amount for staking, but you are encouraged to take into consideration the cost of gas against your staking rewards

Staking Rewards

  • Rewards will be distributed upfront with the principal amount staked for a fixed period of 30 days
  • Interest rate will be dynamic starting at 10% monthly and reduces 0.5% for every 10M CNTR TVL (total value locked across the entire pool)
  • Your participating interest rate in the V1 pool will have a direct impact on the rates applied to you in the V2 pool. (i.e. if you stake at 10% for this V1 pool, you will be allowed to rollover at a rate that is an equation of the current interest rate. The equation will not be released until one week before the launch of the V2 pool)
  • The V2 pool details will be announced closer to the date


Will I be able to withdraw my principal amount staked?

CNTR staked has a fixed term of a 30-day lockup period. Any time before the 30-day duration is complete; withdrawal of the principal amount within the 30 days will not be allowed.

What is a fixed term?

A fixed term is a specified amount of time that lasts for a prolonged period that may not be altered.

When will I receive my interest?

Interest will be rewarded upfront of amount staked; if you staked 1000 CNTR at a 10% rate, 100 CNTR will be released immediately.


0 CNTR staked in pool

User stakes 1,000 CNTR (at a beginning rate of 10% monthly)

100 CNTR released upfront (1000 CNTR / 10% = 100 CNTR reward)

1,000 CNTR released 30 days later (your principal)

What will happen if my funds are caught between the 10% and 9.5% rate?

If a user stakes 1M CNTR in a pool with TVL of 9.9M CNTR, 100K CNTR will be rewarded at the 10% rate with the remaining 900K CNTR rewarded at the 9.5% rate.


9.9M CNTR staked in pool currently

User stakes 1M CNTR (10% for first 100K, 9.5% for next 900K)

Rewards:10K CNTR + 85.5K CNTR = 95.5K CNTR released upfront

Principal: 15M CNTR released 30 days later


30M CNTR staked in pool (currently 8.5% rate)

User stakes 15M CNTR (8.5% for first 10M, 8% for next 5M)

Rewards: 850K CNTR + 400K CNTR = 1.25M CNTR released upfront

Principal: 15M CNTR released 30 days later

About Centaur

Centaur combines the best elements of DeFi with measured regulatory control with a goal to ultimately bridge DeFi and traditional finance. Stay tuned for more of Centaur’s upcoming campaigns. Also, take a look at our website and join our Telegram community discussion group along with our announcement channel.

For more information, please take at a look at our:

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