Centaur Launches Public Sale After Raising US$4.5M from an Oversubscribed Private Round

Centaur — a project that aims to bridge DeFi and traditional finance — announced the conclusion of their private sale funding round led by Digital Strategies with US$4.5 million raised from TRG Capital, Astronaut Capital, Brilliance Ventures and Rocktree Capital among other strategic investors.

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By combining the best elements of decentralised finance and measured regulatory control, centaur utilizes a semi-decentralised approach to constructing solutions. The platform leverages on the transparency and security of decentralised architectures while providing a fail-safe layer through centralised systems and processes.

The first in market — Centaur has deployed liquidity pools on Etheruem testnet which integrates zero-knowledge technology. These liquidity pools provides a marketplace for lending and staking solutions while providing privacy to users.

“We welcome these VCs as our latest investors and look forward to progressing our work with them in this new capacity. Improving our services and extending our offerings — with a specific focus on emerging markets and unbanked communities. We are delighted to have found the right investors who share the same long-term vision as us and see value in what we are doing.” A statement from Sean, co-founder of Centaur regarding the investment round.

Moving forward, the Centaur team will focus on real-world adoption of the network by bringing down the barriers-to-entry for people outside the crypto-sphere. Dapps like digital wallet with intuitive user interface will be one of the first initiative rolled out by the crypto start-up.

“We decided to be the lead investor into Centaur because of their product-focus and us seeing them as the next generation of C-Defi. We were impressed by their cross-chain solutions, which enable liquidity staking pools to be deployed across numerous blockchains. Most importantly, we’ve never seen anyone embed a privacy layer at the protocol level.” A statement given by Eric Weiss, Digital Strategies.

As one of the few projects spear-heading the consolidation of a fragmented token market, the project designed its chain to serve as a settlement layer for the interaction between several legacy chains, hence making their solutions protocol-agnostic.

“Decentralised Finance has proved to be a game changer in the crypto space, we believe it will ripple through into traditional markets, inducing market efficiency and greater adoption. This is where Centaur shines as the bridge between the inevitable intertwine of financial markets, reducing friction and providing valuable engagement to the masses.” A statement from Matthew Dibb, Astronaut Capital

It is widely discussed that while many existing protocols have paved the way for the birth of DeFi, there are still more gaps to be filled to achieve a functional ecosystem with efficiency comparable to that of centralized financial systems — A problem that Centaur seeks to resolve.

Moving forward, Centaur will be launching its public sale based on an on-chain lottery with provable randomness. More details can be found over at the website and telegram group.

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