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Centaur Launches Staking V2

We are happy to announce the launch of the second version of our staking program. Following the success of the launch of our V1 native staking that took place on the 26th of October, we are thrilled to proceed with the next round of our staking initiative.

Centaur Staking V2 Details

Time of Launch: 4pm (GMT+8)

Date of Launch: November 24, 2020

APR Rates

For old users, the rollover rate is fixed at 75% of the V1 rates. The rollover option can be only exercised if the V1 balance has not been withdrawn. It is worth noting that users will be able to stake their previous V1 staked amount without having to withdraw it.

For new users, the V2 staking APR will be 3.75% per month.

In V2 staking, it will continue to take place on staking.cntr.finance. Tokens will be locked for 90 days and rewards will be released on a daily basis.


Alice staked 10,000 CNTR in V1 for 10% per month, she has a total amount of 11,000 CNTR (10,000 CNTR staked and 1,000 CNTR rewards) at the end of V1 staking programme.

She decides to roll-over 10,000 CNTR into V2 staking;

Rewards: 10,000 $CNTR x 7.5% per month x 3 months = 2,250 CNTR

Daily Rewards: 2,250/90 =25 CNTR per day

Principle will be unlocked at the end of 90th day.

How to Stake Your CNTR on Centaur V2 Staking Page?

For new users, the staking process is identical to that of the V1 — the exact steps can be found here. There is no minimum amount required to participate in V2 staking, but users are encouraged to take note of the gas fee.

For previous users, the process starts with specifying the desired amount of CNTR for staking on the Centaur Staking V2 page. In the case where the entered amount is equal or lesser when compared to the respective user’s V1 staked amount that is already unbonded (available to withdraw), the V2 contact will automatically pull the CNTR from V1 and stake the amount into V2.

You are required to have a Metamask wallet that allows for interaction with the staking user interface. To download and set up the Metamask wallet, users can visit https://metamask.io/.

About Centaur

Centaur combines the best elements of the decentralised and centralised finance spaces, thus bringing the two worlds closer. The revolutionary platform by Centaur is offering semi-decentralized asset management, lending, and digital payments.

For more information, please take a look at our:

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