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Centaur Partners With MahaDAO to Boost DeFi Liquidity Pools

Centaur is pleased to announce a partnership with MahaDAO, the world’s first non-depreciating currency, the ARTH value coin. The collaboration will initially focus on ways ARTH inflation-proof money can support Centaur liquidity pools.

  • Centaur will list ARTH in the multi-asset, multi-address, multi-purpose Hadar wallet.

Liquidity pools are the center of the Centaur ecosystem, financial solutions that bridge transparent and secure DeFi with a fail-safe centralized layer. Community members stake funds to provide liquidity to Centaur lending, asset management and digital payment solutions. ARTH coin, through its ability to preserve buying power irrespective of market direction, will provide a source of liquidity and stability to the Centaur ecosystem.

MahaDAO has created a decentralized algorithmic value-stable coin that maintains and may appreciate the buying power of a coin through a basket of assets which offset inflation, currency, and other risks. High quality assets — major global currencies and commodities, and stablecoins — are chosen as collaterals that serve as a perfect hedge of one another to maintain stable net buying power. Backed by the ARTH Vault “decentralized reserve bank” systematically rebalancing the underlying collaterals, ARTH can help preserve the value of Centaur liquidity pools.

“Stablecoins are introducing novel financial solutions to tame persistent financial risks. MahaDAO’s new species of inflation-proof money, the ARTH coin, is a best-in-class example. While mitigating inflation and other risks, ARTH will bring liquidity to Centaur liquidity pools while helping Centaur users preserve and grow their asset values,” commented Centaur co-founder Sean Kor.

Furthermore, ARTH will benefit from its listing in the all-in-one app for crypto-asset storage, management and decentralized finance, the Hadar Wallet. The wallet will eventually support swapping; DeFi lending/borrowing, staking, and DEXes; and cross-chain DeFi features.

“MahaDAO is happy to partner with Centaur to explore the possibility of supplying liquidity on Centaur Swap for the ARTH value coin and further have ARTH listed on the Hadar wallet. The team and product are top notch and the future is only bright for Centaur,” commented Steven Enamakel, Creator of MahaDAO.

The Centaur-MahaDAO partnership supports the mutual goal of lowering risks in decentralized financial markets while helping DeFi users preserve and grow their wealth.

About MahaDAO

MahaDAO is a set of DeFi protocols governed by a decentralized autonomous organization. Its smart contract-controlled vaults are used to mint ARTH, an innovative new kind of currency backed by a basket of assets. ARTH is designed to counter wealth depreciation by maintaining its purchasing power, regardless of the fluctuation in other market assets.

About Centaur

Centaur is a pioneering project in the decentralized financial space that acts as a bridge between the traditional financial space and the decentralized financial world. The project supports the crucial features of the blockchain, while at the same time taking advantage of the fail-safe elements of centralized systems.

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