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CNTR Trading Available on Largest Decentralised Multi-Chain Wallet -BitKeep

Centaur is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the world’s largest multi-chain wallet, BitKeep Wallet. Through this partnership with BitKeep Wallet, Centaur’s DeFi products will become accessible to users in the BitKeep ecosystem.

Users are currently able to swap ETH for CNTR and vice versa through the BtiKeep wallet interface. The CentaurSwap liquidity pool will also be integrated in the coming weeks, users will be able to stake, swap and farm in CentaurSwap via the mobile app.

Through BitKeep’s multi-chain wallet, DeFi users can access numerous staking services and DeFi dApps, exchange data and assets across blockchains from one wallet interface. Dapps built upon different chains can instantaneously deploy their DeFi services on BitKeep’s wallet.

To start staking and swapping CNTR on Bitkeep, users need to download the Bitkeep Wallet.

  • From the main page, click on the DeFi tab, search for CNTR-ETH
  • Tap on ‘Go Trade’
  • Users will be offered two interfaces, either through Uniswap or through Bitswap
  • Select your preferred interface
  • Key in the amount you would like to swap for and click ‘Confirm‘

About BitKeep

BitKeep is a decentralized digital asset wallet designed to provide users with a professional one-stop service. The wallet supports multi-wallet management and exchange asset docking across financial lending, cloud-mining, dApps, games, blockchain payments and other functionalities. The founding team comes from top companies such as Google, Microsoft, and 360. Founded in Singapore in 2019, investors include billion-dollar investment fund JingWei Capital.

About Centaur

Centaur is a developer of decentralized financial solutions building DeFi products and services on its interoperable Centaur Chain, which acts as a bridge between the traditional and decentralized financial worlds. The project takes advantage of the transparency and security of decentralised blockchain architectures while providing a fail-safe layer through centralised systems and processes.

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