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Conclusion of CNTR Lottery

CNTR Public Sale generated more than 10x interest in 72 hours

Dear Centaurians,

We are proud to announce that the $CNTR public token sale has concluded successfully with overwhelming response from the community. The team would also like to thank everyone for your participation and efforts.

While there might be individuals that did not get a ticket in the lottery process, we encourage everyone to continue following the project on our social media channels as there will be upcoming events and product launches that rewards the ecosystem.

Recap On Public Sale Figures:

Number of whitelisted addresses: 700

Number of waitlisted addresses: 700

Number of allocations: 500

Ticket Size: 2.85 ETH (1000USD @ 350 USD/ETH rate est.)

CNTR per Ticket (No staking): 166,666.67 CNTR

CNTR per Ticket (Stake): 83,333.33 CNTR upfront and 87,500.00 CNTR next month

Unit price of CNTR: 0.006 USD

Winners have been contacted via e-mail with instructions to complete KYC and deposit ETH into this smart contact address:


Both KYC and funding have to be completed before 3pm(GMT+8) on October 07, 2020. Only the first 500 to complete both the KYC and funding will be eligible for the public sale allocation.

The contract source has been verified on Ethereum and it was designed such that the funded ETH cannot be withdrawn unless CNTR is sent to the funding address. All individuals who are ultimately ineligible for the public sale will have their ETH refunded to them.

Important Information:

If participants send less than the indicated amount of ETH, the transaction will not go through.

If participants send more than the indicated amount of ETH, the excess will be refunded.

If participants are not part of the first 500 winners, their ETH will be refunded.

If participants fail to meet the stipulated deadline, the leftover CNTR will be reallocated to the ecosystem pool to benefit the rest of the community in future.

Two timestamps will be considered for allocation; the time at which the KYC form was submitted, and the timestamp of the ETH deposit. The later of the two will be the timestamp used to determine the FCFS winners.

Winners’ and Waitlist list:

Winners’ and Waitlist list → Click here

Lottery Contract: 0x585a92a57c5ebc856863e1195f8a6c0fbacb4232


For more information, please take at a look at our:

· Official Website

· Telegram Discussion Group

· Telegram Announcement Channel

· Twitter

· Whitepaper

· Testnet Block Explorer

· Liquidity Pool (Ethereum Ropsten)



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