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Dual Yield Staking is Live on BonFi!

Dear Centaurians,

We hope that you are ready to make a beeline for the BonFi platform because the CNTR-BNF Dual Yield Staking Pool is now live! For those of you who have missed the 24-hour promotional mining campaign during our Polygon launch, this is your chance to catch up with your fellow aspiring CNTR whales. Do you have any remaining ERC-20 CNTR? You can now put it to lucrative use with this Ethereum-based reward initiative, and accrue more BNF in the process.

Token Contract Addresses

  • CNTR: 0x03042482d64577a7bdb282260e2ea4c8a89c064b
  • BNF: 0x1de5e000c41c8d35b9f1f4985c23988f05831057


Please reference the following link to find out how to participate

Guide to Dual Yield Staking

All participating Centaurians are encouraged to be mindful of the reward limit, staking duration, and total reward pool, as stated in the announcement article here

Centaur to Launch Dual Yield Staking Pool with Bonfi


  • Targeted Time: 3pm, UTC+8

We will continue to explore future collaborative opportunities with BonFi, to the mutual benefit of our communities, as well as with our other longstanding collaborators. With our understanding that no platform is an island, we will continue to develop enduring synergies with pre-existing partners — and we are more robust for having forged these ties. As far as possible, we will ensure that these reciprocal opportunities are also avenues to reward our dedicated supporters and democratise the distribution of our native token, as the ecosystem gradually approaches maturity.

About BonFi

BonFi is a multilayered open finance liquidity mining service platform complemented by the AI-powered BonVest, a professional cryptocurrency liquidity mining solution. It expands the DeFi financial product offering by combining smart contract staking and a managed cryptocurrency liquidity pool to achieve sustainable benefits for users.


About Centaur

By combining the best elements of decentralised finance with measured regulatory control, Centaur is bridging DeFi and traditional finance. For more information, please visit our website, join our Telegram community discussion group and announcement channel.

Website | Telegram Group | Telegram Announcements | Twitter

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