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Instructional Guide to Centaur’s Upcoming Public Sale

With our upcoming Public Sale drawing near, we are delighted to lay out the instructional guideline for our community to gear up and participate effectively. Continue reading on for the instructions and ensure the steps shown are completely understood for a smooth lottery!

The lottery will be open for a full 72 hours

500 tickets will be issued at the size of 1000USD worth of ETH each.

1 Winning ticket=$1,000 allocation=166,666.67 CNTR

Staking 50% of the public sale tokens with us will triple (3X) your lottery chances

The link to the CNTR Public Sale Interest Form will be posted onto our website, telegram group and telegram announcement channel, a countdown timer will be shown on our website before the opening of our interest form.

Registration opens: 3PM (GMT+8) on October 2nd.

Registration closes: 3PM (GMT+8) on October 5th.

(Express Interest → Lottery → KYC and funding)

1. Ensure that you have ownership over the private keys for your submitted wallet address (DO NOT USE AN EXCHANGE WALLET) and that your email is working properly.

2. Access the Google Form from either our website or community groups and fill out your details accurately (submitted information must match the KYC documents if selected). Please note that due to regulatory concerns, we are unable to receive investment from the following countries: Albania, The Bahamas, Barbados, Botswana, Cambodia, China, Ghana, Iceland, Iran, Jamaica, Mauritius, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Syria, Uganda, USA, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

3. Of the total submitted applications, Centaur will select 700 winners via an on-chain lottery (more information on this will be released later in the week) to undergo the KYC and address whitelisting process. The first 500 winners who complete both the KYC process and deposits the funds into the smart contract will have their allocations locked in and any excess ETH will be refunded. The initial selection of 700 applicants allow for a buffer of 200 submissions in the event of failed KYC or incomplete documentation.

4. The 700 winners will be contacted via email 3–4 hours after the conclusion of the lottery (we will make an announcement in our channel once all emails have been sent out). The KYC form, exact amount of ETH per ticket, as well as the contribution smart contract address will be included in this e-mail.

5. The winning addresses will also be published in a Medium post on our Centaur Page, along with a the lottery contract address.

6. The recommended gas limit is for contribution is 200,000.

In the event that more than 500 lottery winners complete the KYC process and contributes to the public sale contract, two timestamps will be considered for allocation; the time at which the KYC form was submitted, and the timestamp of the ETH deposit. The later of the two will be the timestamp used to determine the FCFS winners.

For example: If you submitted KYC information on October 3rd, but only deposited ETH on October 6th — We will record your submitted position as the 6th of October.

· Duplicated Ethereum addresses and e-mail addresses will be removed from the interest form

· The public sale contract WILL NOT accept ETH transferred from a non-whitelisted address or any amount lower than the ticket size

· The public sale contract will refund any ETH in excess of the ticket size for eligible contributions

· The public sale contract address will be published on our website, communities and our medium page, please verify the address against at least two different platforms before sending.

Please only send funds to the address announced — Centaur will not request for you to send any funds to alternative addresses.

Those who fail the KYC process but deposited ETH prior will be refunded at the end of the public sale.

We look forward to seeing our community participating in our Public Sale Lottery and we welcome any questions to our Telegram Discussion Group!

For more information, please take at a look at our:

· Medium Page [https://medium.com/centaur/stories/published]

· Official Website [https://cntr.finance/]

· Telegram Discussion Group [https://t.me/OfficialCentaur]

· Telegram Announcement Channel [https://t.me/CNTR_ANN]



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