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Introducing UniFarm — A Unique Way To Farm Multiple Tokens Through Centaur

Centaur has partnered with OpenDeFi to bring something exciting for all CNTR Holders — The UniFarm.

Together with 4 other projects, the UniFarm platform serves as a multi-token staking programme where CNTR holders can farm multiple tokens just by staking their CNTR tokens.

UniFarm — What is it?

UniFarm is a multi-token reward staking programme initiated by OpenDeFi.Through UniFarm, Centaur Token (CNTR) holders can stake their token, earn extra CNTR and also other popular DeFi tokens which are part of the collaboration.

UniFarm works similar to a normal staking programme but with a twist — instead of being rewarded with just one type of token (usually the staked token), UniFarm distributes the rewards in the form of multiple tokens, which allows CNTR stakers to get a diversified portfolio of rewards.

There are total five projects that are taking part in the first version of UniFarm.The projects are — OpenDefi (ORO), Reef Finance (REEF), Matic Network (MATIC) , Frontier (FRONT) and Centaur (CNTR).

For example, if a person stakes CNTR token on UniFarm, in the first week they will earn CNTR tokens, but in the second week they will earn CNTR & ORO (OpenDefi’s Token), and in the third week, they will earn CNTR, ORO and MATIC and so on. Please note, this is just an example and the order of token rewards might be different during the actual launch.

On UniFarm, participants will get a minimum APY of 40% and a maximum APY of 250% depending on how long they stay staked. This UniFarm Pool will last for 90 days and a person can unstake and restake their assets anytime they want. Although, unstaking will reset the clock (the cycle starts all over).

Where to participate?


When will it be launched?

UniFarm will be live on 3rd February 2021 at GMT 1:30 PM.

What are the returns?

The total reward pool size will be of $50k, with $10k worth of tokens to be earned in total per project and a total of $100K worth tokens can be staked per project. All of the above figures are quoted in USDT equivalent.

More information regarding UniFarm will be released in the following days so stay tuned and follow us on our official social media for updates on UniFarm.

For more information, please take at a look at our:

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