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Picolo Report gives Centaur a Buy rating of 4.5 / 5.0

The latest Analysis of Centaur (CNTR) supported by Picolo Research has just come through: Giving Centaur a Buy rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

As all our loyal supporters know; Centaur is a semi-decentralised financial model with a vision to successfully bridge the DeFi world with CeFi — taking DeFi’s security and transparency with CeFi’s fail-proof applicability. This unique solution provides a safe mixed model, taking the best of both worlds while minimising their shortcomings.

The report includes a Birds-Eye View statistic, scoring Centaur over 75% in all categories such as Viability, Product, Management, Deal Structure, and last but not least, Community.

Centaur is currently undergoing phase 2 out of 3, which is all about deploying Centaur’s native blockchain.

A noteworthy remark of Centaur is how it rates against competitors — Among other liquidity pool platforms, Centaur displays drastically noticeable objectives compared to competitors, as seen in the report.

Centaur also possesses numerous strengths, such as embracing segments across all value chains, from back-end to front end with focus on user experience and interaction. As well as cheaper remittance and under-collateralised loans compared to most lending projects that utilise over-collateralised loans — to name a few.

Team Centaur is working round-the-clock to stick to our detailed road map schedule as closely as possible, and are committed to creating the best user experience on our platform to get the most out of Centaur provided by our dedicated team!

Get an in-depth look of the full report here: https://picoloresearch.com/72/centaur

And while you’re at it, make sure to check out our twitter platform!

Till’ next time,

Team Centaur



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