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Recap Of AMA #14 With Centaur Team

Dear Centaurians,

Thank you for being a part of the AMA with Centaur’s Co-Founder Sean Kor today.

For all those who couldn’t join us for the AMA, please find the transcript of the AMA.

Please note: Apart from the order of a few questions & minor spelling corrections, the rest of the text of the AMA remains unchanged.

[Transcript: Update From Sean]

Sean: Hey hey everyone welcome to another weekly AMA! I’ll be around for an hour so please drop in any questions you have regarding Centaur!

Sean: Some good news here is that we’ve received the final draft of the technical audit and everything looks good so far. We’re doing one last review to make sure nothing was missed before we formally announce it. Currently, we’re looking at releasing the audit report some time next Tuesday.

As I’ve mentioned last week, the scope of this audit would be technical security. We’re now working with the team on the economic audit which encompasses a much larger scope and is not something that projects typically do. However, when considering the sheer scope of Centaur Swap, it’s something we felt was absolutely necessary.

So this would typically include stress testing the platform for fringe scenarios (such as when liquidity is at an extreme, either very close to 0 or very much higher than intended). This is commonly achieved by flashloans in practice but on a testnet, we can easily simulate such a situation. We’ve done some of our own testing on this beforehand but it’s definitely more assuring to get an expert to verify. There’s also attempts at oracle attacks, although this would probably be a lower focus for us since we’re working with Chainlink.

An important point to note is that this is one of the most common attack vectors for platforms right now and even established projects are facing flash-loan vulnerabilities.

Anyway another point I wanted to collect feedback on was to amend this weekly AMA to either a bi-weekly or monthly one so the updates would be more impactful and it would be easier to drive discussions. Particularly since at our current stage, many of the different aspects require quite some time. Of course, I’ll still be following the discussions in the community and you can definitely reach me by pinging me in the group (unless its an unsolicited sales pitch).

Anyway as I mentioned, this is something I wanted feedback on and I haven’t decided yet. We’ll still do the AMA next week and I’ll also take into account discussions along the week (if there are any). I’ll provide an update in next week’s AMA!

[AMA Transcript]

Question: I heard burgerswap got attacked as well it is good that the team is doing their due diligence in light of recent cases

Sean: Yeah unfortunately its something that’s very difficult to execute and much harder to protect against due to just how complex such an attack would be.

Anyway apart from that, the rest of the timelines are still on schedule except for the Hadar iOS launch. We’re facing some slight delays because the name “Hadar” isn’t the official company name and the Apple review has that level of depth but in any case, its something we’re working on and confident in solving.

Question: Have you moved in any direction on the L2 solution?

Sean: Hmnn I’d say adoption on Polygon for both projects and users has been steadily increasing but there isn’t much discussions on the security aspects I mentioned last week. There also seems to be pushback from some developer communities. That being said, I’m leaning towards it as the other L2 solutions don’t seem to be gaining much traction at the moment.

Question: Speaking of hadar, why is the icon a placeholder?

Sean: We’re aware of this and will roll out an update with bugfixes too. It happens on some devices and we’re looking into the fix already

Question: Any update on the BonFi pool? I believe that they were looking to expand the number of assets which meant a delay in the launch. I’m sure that lots of people are keen to get their CNTR working again.

Sean: Yeah I did check in with the BonFi guys, they are working on development of the smart contract for the staking pool so that’s taking awhile.

Question: some of the L2s are in testnet phase and are inviting developers to build on the protocols. any plans to take part in the testnet version of L2s?

Sean: This is a good point you brought up. I saw some of the open invitations too (like for DUSK but I think that’s an L1) and developer support is definitely beneficial. Will reach out among our contacts and see if anything crops up.

Question: Any further news on airdrop? Thx!

Sean: We were planning to do this together with the L2 launch in consideration of gas fees but now that its much more reduced, I’ll have to discuss with the team and see if we could potentially have it earlier.

Question: Any news on more coins being added to the swap, or functionality for WHEY?

Sean: Not yet as the core team working on Centaur Swap is currently focused on the audit!

Question: Would it be possible / useful to have task board — sort of like Jira?

For example, Bunny use Notion (it’s a great tool for personal use but perhaps looks a little tacky for an organisation) and it’s useful to give a high-level overview of where the project is.

Sean: Oh we use notion internally!

This is in place of their roadmap? I think for a high level overview it seems alright but detailed breakdowns would be tricky to work with.

Question: One more question. Even though I think I’ll get the answer during the coming roadmap update, but can you tell approximate timeline to when the delegating/validators becomes available?

Sean: Validating is available right now but you’ll need to be a node operator in order to get it working. As for delegation, the primary choke is the bridge from ETH -> Centaur Chain and vice-versa. We’re already done with the ETH -> Centaur Chain direction but we’re still working on the Centaur Chain -> ETH side. Also looking for a browser-plugin kind of wallet for Cosmos that we can work with (effectively Metamask for Cosmos).

Thank you for being a part of Centaur Community.

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