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Recap Of AMA #8 With Centaur Co-founder

Dear Centaurians,

Thank you for being a part of the AMA with Centaur’s Co-Founder Sean Kor and Centaur’s communication lead Taylor yesterday.

For all those who couldn’t join us for the AMA, please find the transcript of the AMA.

Please note: Apart from the order of a few questions & minor spelling corrections, the rest of the text of the AMA remains unchanged.

[Transcript: Update From Sean]

Hey hey Centaurians, for the AMA this week, I’ll be doing it together with @Tay_lor_CNTR. There’s some quick updates for what’s going on so far and some of the plans we have moving forward!

Most of the points have been covered in the past few days so I’ll just do a short recap for it. We successfully launched the swap last Friday and it’s all working good so far. WHEY is emitting based on the planned schedule and the liquidity pools are also functioning as intended.

We’re also pushing forward with the mentioned audit and will be putting out more information once its ready. With that complete, we will be able to look at protocol integrations and cross compatibility in the coming weeks.

The primary focus right now is of course the upcoming mainnet launch next week. It’s something we’ve been working towards for a substantial amount of time and its currently still on track for launch.

The genesis and early stages will utilise a more controlled structure, similar to what we did with the launch. If you’re unaware, the intended goal of the mainnet is to serve as:

1. The bridge to onboard CeFi / Fintech solutions

2. The bridge / settlement layer between multiple protocols

There were additional goals such as native oracles feeds that we are reviewing due to the rapidly evolving markets. Currently, they are still planned for future integration but this may change depending on requirements.

The immediate goal is to first deploy it so that our CeFi partners (the other aspect of Centaur that is less talked about here) can start testing using blockchain as a backbone for their infra needs. The mid-term goal would be to roll out the multi-chain integration, although this would clearly have to come after Centaur Swap is deployed on multiple protocols. In the interim, we’ll also look at setting up a bridge between the mainnet and Ethereum.

I would also like to re-iterate that there is no token swap for CNTR and it will continue to exist on both Ethereum and BSC.

On the community side, we’re focusing on enhancing the interactions between the team and our community / investors. We’re training up a team of community managers to help out with the CM operations. Separately, we’re also going to be promoting some key community members to Centaurians, who will help to moderate the chat, support new members and clear up the recent uptick in spam messages.

We are also increasing our outreach to KOLs and other community leaders that are aligned with what we are doing, with increased emphasis on technology and innovation, as opposed to just shilling projects.

[Transcript: AMA]

Question: Thank you Sean, do you have any information regarding centaur swap on BSC ?

Sean: This is going to be our focus after the mainnet and audit is completed. It’s common for most projects to deploy the first version while the audit is pending (which is the one we put up on Ethereum). For the BSC version, we’re looking at a closer collaboration with external auditors and specialist to see how we can improve on not just security but perhaps further gas optimisation. For future protocols, we’re still discussing it but I would say the priorities and characteristics we are looking at would be:

1. Stability of Protocol

2. Existence of Chainlink Oracles

3. EVM Compatibility

4. L2s for Ethereum

5. Maturity of DeFi ecosystem on the Protocol

in that specific order of preferences

Question: Hi Sean and Taylor…. Will people be able to run nodes immediately after launch?

Sean: For the initial launch, there will be a vetting process, if you’re a proven and valid node-runner and has experience in the past, we would love to get you on-board to run the node client. However distribution of rewards would still happen in a centralised manner. As we are not doing a token-swap for mainnet but rather a bridging style, we would have to wait for the bridge to be up so that nodes can be run by all interested parties and further decentralise the network.

Question: And what will be the amount for that [running a node]?

Sean: The amount will be 2.5million CNTR per node

Question: What are the plans for value accrual of WHEY? Because all there is to it now is as a farm and dump and governance in the future

Sean: The same can be said of an overwhelming majority of governance tokens.

The primary use case is future Governance like you mentioned and part of that governance model involves supply controls such as DAO staking for voting power and a gradual decrease in the inflation.

There are other models that can be explored such as buyback and burn structures and distribution of protocol fees etc.

Question: Why has TVL been relatively low as compared to other liquidity mining intiatives of other projects? Are we doing anything wrong? or are we just a ‘hidden gem’?

Sean: As the platform is rather experimental at this stage, and pending for audit report. We are expecting more activities once we have further confirmation on the security of Centaur Swap.

Question: Do we know when there will be a portal for making proposals and voting? Even if it’s just a placeholder website, I think it would be good to have something visible

Sean: This will most likely be after the BSC (or next protocol) launch.

Question: What is the status of the Hadar wallet at the moment? When will it be available at Apple store?

Sean: We will be anticipating a google playstore launch end of next week with a revamped UI. The Apple store review process had been initiated but the review process is a very much a black box, we will have to update the community as we progress on that.

Question: Are we doing anything different other than emission schedule from lets say Alchemix? Since token value accrual wise, its quite similar, other than the underlying differences in protocol. Is the current price action due to there being no demand of WHEY?

Sean: I’m not all too familiar with Alchemix’s token design. I know they are building a future-yield collateralised stablecoin but we didn’t dive deep into it as it is isn’t a swap.

Question: any technical feedbacks on cs-single pool staking? Have you haced some issues and solved them for example?

Sean: Things are working as planned, there was one short outage on the front-end (website, not blockchain) but we’ve been receiving positive feedback with regards to the single-side staking so far.

Thank you for being a part of Centaur Community.

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