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Recap of AMA with Centaur Team

Dear Centaurians,

Thank you for being a part of the AMA with Centaur’s Co-Founder Sean Kor today.

For all those who couldn’t join us for the AMA, please find the transcript of the AMA.

Please note: Apart from the order of a few questions & minor spelling corrections, the rest of the text of the AMA remains unchanged.

[Transcript: Update From Sean]

Sean: Hey hey hey everyone! Welcome back to the bi-weekly AMA! I’ll drop some updates real quick and do feel free to ask any questions relating to Centaur along the way! For the past two weeks, we’ve been focusing much more on partnerships, as I’ve mentioned in the last AMA!

Sean: We just announced the first one with Cover Compared yesterday, it’s here https://t.me/CNTR_ANN/188 in case you missed it.

The general shift towards partnerships is for the ramp-up towards the pending upgrades to Centaur Swap that I have mentioned before. We’ve built a really good DEX but there’s much more to the DeFi ecosystem than just DEXes. Even in the context of Cswap, there are also many supporting technologies that are needed to move the product forward.

Sean: So the first partner that we wanted to spotlight was actually Cover Compared. They are a crypto-oriented insurance aggregator and they work with a number of different projects and companies to provide such services.

There are two aspects of this partnership that we’re focusing on right now. The first is more DeFi oriented to provide some form of coverage for Cswap and our liquidity providers.

Conceptually, this will be a product similar to Nexus Mutual’s coverage for DEXes and aggregators. Although we do not have an impermanent loss and we’ve already done up a comprehensive audit, there are still other potential risk factors that may be unaccountable for.

Sean: The CREAM hack last night would be an example, whereby the platform already went through numerous battle tests and was holding on to a substantial amount of assets.

As such, we wanted to explore the possibility of having coverage for Cswap and the fees that may be incurred for it.

The second integration point is more on the CeFi side, where we were looking at larger scale risk factors such as stablecoin-depeg risk, which is of great relevance to the partners we’re in discussions with.

Anyway apart from Cover Compared, we’ve got another 3 confirmed partnerships that we’ll be pushing out over the next week so do stay tuned for those!

[AMA Transcript]

Question: I have read in the pinned message that “Centaur will grant members from its partnering community access to its swap” what does this mean, isn’t Centaur swap public?

Sean: We’re referring to the potential for future listings on Cswap, once the oracles have been upgraded and are able to deploy price feeds for a larger variety of tokens!

Question: Can we have an update on 2nd snapshot, when will changes be exacted and plan moving forward after these changes?

Sean: Yes! The vote was passed with 100% going for an adjustment to the weights for the WHEY pools https://whey-gov.cntr.finance/#/proposal/QmXDtkmWBekQyxrVp5hQVZHVuPeAcBMxsYp2agyWFJFVsf

Moving forward, we’ll have to do up a second vote for the amount of adjustment. Once that vote has passed and the adjustment amount is decided, our team will be able to shift the weight in a day or two.

Question: This was something that I had been wondering about for a time and I’m really pleased to read about this (Coverage For CSwap). partnership. How this will work for users of the Swap? Or will there be any noticeable change?

Sean: It’s still early stages for our discussions but on our site, we’re pushing for there to be no noticeable change to Cswap for the coverage. Ideally, it would be an add-on service of sorts, where interested users can purchase it from a separate platform. This is because coverage typically applies a fee based on the quantum covered and if we applied it to the entirety of Cswap, it would be pretty expensive as we scale.

Question: Ah, OK. I was wondering if this will be an opt-in service or if maybe there was going to be something like a flat rate fee applied (maybe something like a cut of all TXNs fees of some such going to CC)

Sean: Closer to an opt-in service. A flat-rate fee would probably have to be taken from the tx fees which would cause it to be pretty unattractive

Question: ​​On the front side, is there any UI update planned for the V2 launch?

Sean: Yeap there’s definitely going to be changed to the UI with the V2 launch! We’ve been hard at work on the backend development and testing first but that’s definitely something to look forward to.

Question: Is it possible that centaur swap could leverage its IL mitigation systems to run LP mining pools as a 3rd party platform for other tokens. Seems to be a good idea given recent volatility.

Sean: This is something we can potentially explore. In the original concept for Cswap, the liquidity that’s added to the swap was designed to be re-staked into lending platforms to boost the APY, sort of like a double-yield-farm. This was dropped along the way due to complexity and risk but it’s something we do have on the whiteboard to eventually get to.

Question: Will there be any integration with the CVR (or is that CRV?) token on the swap?

Sean: Yes of course, but that will have to come with the V2 launch.

The recent partners we’re speaking to have all expressed interest in listing on Cswap in some form or another, which is also one of the reasons why we’ve been going hard on partnerships recently.

Question: Talking about this, I’ve been wanting to ask about the Future Implementations part in the docs. Any updates on those?

Sean: Not yet, for now, the team is mostly working on the oracle integrations for V2

I think we can get the follow-on proposal done up in a few days. Are there any recommendations on the weight adjustment? For now, it’s

200 for the WHEY farm

300 for each LP pair

I think for the choices, we can do them incrementally in reductions of 50? so perhaps

- 150

- 100

- 50

The reduction amount would then be equally split across the two-LP pairs

Question: And any ETA for when more coins will be integrated with the swap?

Sean: Good point! I think for this, our team will prep a gov proposal for the next listing as a trial. It will be restricted to just a few options but we do want to see where this leads us.

Anyway, that’s all the updates I have this week. I’ll assign someone from our team to follow up on the gov proposals and token listing. For the listing, it’s going to be on the existing version of Cswap so we will have to work with the available pairs on Chainlink.

Thank you everyone for attending today’s AMA I hope all of your queries were answered succinctly!

Thank you for being a part of the Centaur Community.

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