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Riding the Stablecoin Wave with Swapz

Stablecoins are enjoying their time in the limelight as a soaring number of cryptocurrency converts are pursuing them as alternative stores of value as the apparent spectre of runaway inflation looms over major economies. From being an obscure digital novelty just five years ago to hitting a colossal monthly transaction volume of US$200 billion in January this year, the meteoric rise of this DeFi cornerstone has delighted the cryptocurrency sector and set off alarm bells amongst mainstream financiers.

In spite of this renewed fear mongering, one platform in particular is sticking to its guns and moving full steam ahead with its highly fortified, expedient cross-chain decentralised exchange (DEX) which accommodates stablecoin transactions across every Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible protocol. This project is Swapz, and it is the latest one with which Centaur is fostering a partnership.

Maximising the Potential of a DeFi Staple

An overarching principle of its mission is its commitment to further advancing the mass adoption of fluctuation-resistant assets to the best of its abilities, because the day may come when they are heavily regulated in major economies and a slew of hurdles to DeFi participation may be economically mandated. Bearing this in mind, Swapz has aimed to closely adhere to the best practices of DEXs, from eliminating tedious Know Your Customer and account-opening processes to developing an exceptionally secure mobile application which permits users to execute trades conveniently while remaining anonymous.

Seasoned DeFi participants are all too aware of the vital role of the token class in question, because its relative price predictability means that it can be used to hedge portfolios against the wild oscillations which are endemic to this sector. A significant portfolio allocation of these assets may grant seasoned investors the assurance to take more calculated risks with high-reward ventures, in turn permitting them to accrue handsome returns over time.

Bringing Steady Gains to Centaur Swap

Given the crucial role played by $DAI and $USDT for the functioning of Centaur Swap, the synergy between both partners is unsurprising : hence why the $SWAPZ token is eventually going to be listed on Centaur Swap, compounding its total value locked and exposing Centaurians to it. Community members who are already holding sizeable amounts of the aforementioned tokens should take this chance to enjoy its crosschain stablecoin swapping technology, while accruing more profits which may be further employed in future liquidity mining and yield farming ventures.

Since this collaboration is open-ended, both parties are deliberating upon the prospect of integrating the bridging technology from Swapz into Centaur Swap, which could bootstrap its already potent security even further.

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