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Spearheading Yield Innovation with Unreal Finance

Following its previous collaboration, Centaur is on a roll which is not ending just yet — because its newest collaboration has just been cemented. While this partnering platform bears some commonalities to its last one by way of offering insurance for accumulated returns with minimal return guarantees, it is more widely known for its unique liquidity harvesting and interest rate swaps which are so novel yet profitable, one could even say that they are unreal. Some readers might have already guessed that the project in question is Unreal Finance, an on-chain unrealised-yield-futures management protocol that permits users to lock in fixed interest rates for the purposes of taking out loans, or supplying the capital to finance them. This is made possible through the sale of synthetic tokens which represent any profits accrued from an underlying deposit.

Getting Real with Unreal

Over and above this, its financial and technological innovation has spawned other solutions like granting users access to future gains automatically, which they can then compound through augmenting their original capital pledges to generate even more dividends. Its pioneering liquidity profit trading mechanism has created DeFi primitives which facilitate speculation on protocol-generated gains- something no other protocol on Ethereum has achieved. Finally, its yield tokens act as gateways to cross-lending market arbitraging, which ultimately fosters more predictable exchanges and more potent dividend growth.

Real Serious Liquidity Innovation with Centaur

Unreal is assessing the viability of integrating the two native assets of its partner into its arbitraging mechanism, while simultaneously developing synthetic lending tokens for both CNTR and WHEY. While CoverCompared is already designing comprehensive DeFi insurance plans to underwrite potential risks on Centaur Swap, its most recent collaborator will look into creating yield insurance policies to further strengthen its existing financial safety net.

On its end, Centaur may give the green light for depositing and exchanging its native token, $UGT, on its decentralised exchange as part of its ongoing drive to maximise the exposure of its community members to a smorgasbord of high-potential assets. If this proposal is affirmed, its community members will be able to further augment the total value locked of its swap while amassing personal holdings of it for future trades, as well as listing it on Hadar for greater accessibility and integration into its ecosystem.

About Unreal Finance

With our Beta right around the corner, the race for the title of the ‘most advanced yield futures protocol’ is certainly heating up. As few notable competitors like Element launch and the yield futures infrastructure draws increased attention from the broader finance world, Unreal stands apart from the crowd. With our unprecedented flexibility, seamless UI, and our array of powerful partnerships, we believe Unreal has the edge required to come out on top. Join us on social media to learn more about why our future is Unreal and connect with a global community of DeFi enthusiasts — like you — today.

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About Centaur

By combining the best elements of decentralised finance with measured regulatory control, Centaur is bridging DeFi and traditional finance. For more information, please visit our website, join our Telegram community discussion group and announcement channel.

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