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Upcoming Centaur Products and Mainnet Launch — Save the date!

Dear Centaurians,

Thank you for joining today’s AMA with Centaur Co-Founder, Sean Kor. For all those who couldn’t join the AMA, we have created a small summary of the main talking points. Instead of Centaur’s usual weekly update, we had decided to do a small AMA for the community.

The AMA aimed to update the community regarding Centaur’s major product launches which are scheduled for the next couple of months and also to answer any questions the community might have regarding Centaur.

Launch Dates

The important dates to take note of for Centaur product launch are:

  • Centaur Wallet — 31st March 2021 — Centaur wallet is A DeFi compatible wallet focusing on user interface and the user experience, through a sleek design. Using Centaur Wallet users can easily secure and manage their cryptocurrencies including CNTR tokens.
  • Centaur LP (Swap) — 14th April 2021 — Centaur Swap is a next generation AMM that uses an innovative method known as single-side staking to provide liquidity.
  • Centaur Chain — 28th April 2021 — The official Centaur mainnet with a focus on cross-chain settlements and CeDeFi integrations.

Update On Staking V2

As we prepare for the product launch, we have stopped deposits for Staking V2. The reason for this is that there is a 90 days lockup, and we don’t want any new CNTR holder to have their funds locked in for 90 days. We plan to have a series of campaigns for the early adopters of the platform.

We will be posting the transcript of the AMA of the most commonly asked questions on our medium soon.

Thank you for being a part of Centaur Community.

About Centaur:

By combining the best elements of decentralised finance with measured regulatory control, Centaur is bridging DeFi and traditional finance. For more information, please visit our website, join our Telegram community discussion group and announcement channel.

For more information, please take a look at our:

· Official Website

· Telegram Discussion Group

· Telegram Announcement Channel

· Twitter


· Liquidity Pool (Ethereum Ropsten)

Signing off,





The bridge between decentralised and traditional finance

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