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Updated Centaur Roadmap Summary

Dear Centaurians,

With the Centaur whitepaper and website revamp complete, we have passed another major milestone of our projected roadmap which can be found here.

You may be wondering why our roadmap focuses on the next three quarters, as opposed to the following six to eight quarters which has become an industry norm. In light of our general direction towards dynamic adaptability in the rapidly evolving DeFi sector, this timetable will be updated periodically.

Previous Milestones

At present, a significant number of our previous aims have already been achieved. We have completed our seed, private, and public sales, and concluded a liquidity provider (LP) mining and staking programs. The Centaur ecosystem has now gone live, thanks to the successful launch of its mainnet, swap, and native wallet. To align our online media with the revamped roadmap and technology stack, the whitepaper and website now sport new looks and updated content. Finally, we have fortified our decentralised exchange in light of the technical and economic audits performed by Halborn Security.

Goals for Q3 2021

For this current quarter, we aim to tackle more challenges related to multi-chain interoperability. The ongoing deployment of Centaur Swap protocols which are compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) and other blockchains, and further research and development on cross-chain bridges fall under this category. This neatly segways into developing and testing a Centaur-Ethereum bridge, and our rollout for the ETH London Hardfork. Additionally, we are going to unveil a WHEY airdrop to distribute more WHEY in preparation for its future utility as a governance token and to reward long-term and active Centaurians. After carefully meliorating our design choices, our rejuvenated focus has been turned to developing centralised finance use cases such as micro-loans, overseas transfers, and payrolls. Further adjustments are being made to the Hadar user interface and experience as well.

We are planning to roll out periodical updates such as this one, to increase our transparency regarding the speed and ongoing evolution of our development process. Future detailed updates will be shared in the spirit of enabling Centaurians to be more actively engaged with the process and evolution of development.

About Centaur

By combining the best elements of decentralised finance with measured regulatory control, Centaur is bridging DeFi and traditional finance. For more information, please visit our website, join our Telegram community discussion group and announcement channel.

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