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Calling all DeFi farmers! Earn up to 300% APY in WHEY tokens when you contribute to Centaur Swap liquidity pools!

WHEY is a governance token created solely for the community, with an isolated tokenomics 😉. There is no fundraising done for WHEY tokens which means that supply is limited at launch! A USD 25,000 equivalent of WHEY was minted to provide liquidity on Sushiswap. (https://sushiswap.vision/pair/0xbc9bf17f37b5dd6df961233240ade103b41c521e)

Farming for WHEY requires the deposit of one of the following tokens:

  • Uniswap LP tokens of the CNTR-ETH pool
  • SushiSwap LP tokens of the WHEY-ETH pool
  • Any of the LP tokens from the Centaur Swap pools

WHEY token address: 0xCa5d29B3e74D59EBcDF09111495d86F319886A40

Contract addresses for CS-tokens:

  • ETH: 0xd847c089882Db26719DBAF9fd6Ce836A658aDD1D
  • DAI: 0xD8Fc9BE765b715D8B0d55c18E515927716ED27D1
  • USDT: 0xBDa357B40712c5bc1d670B8566f5EdC9b2D5d70A

There is literally no shortcut to getting your hands on WHEY, you just gotta farm for da muscles!💪🏻

WHEY On Steroids!

Farming starts: 16th April 2021, 9pm (GMT+8), Block #: 12251220

Promotional Period: 16th -19th April 2021

To incentivise our early liquidity providers, the per-block emission of WHEY for the promotional period will be 400 per block which means you farm 4x the amount of WHEY compared to the period immediately proceeding.

After the promotion period, WHEY rewards will drop to 100 WHEY per block until it reaches 20 WHEY per block. Subsequently, reductions will be at 10% per month until all 150 million WHEY has been farmed.

Detailed tokenomics and emission schedule can be found at docs.cntr.finance.

Da WHEY to get WHEY

WHEY farming URL: https://swap.cntr.finance/#/farms

Simply deposit the LP tokens mentioned above into one of these pools to start farming WHEY, the detailed guide can be found here.

Farming users will receive new WHEY tokens per block, distributed according to your share of the Total Value Locked (TVL). We can’t emphasize enough the “high concentration” of WHEY emitted in the promotion period so start farming early!

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