Brainpool AI: a new platform bridging the gap between science + industry

Paula Parpart talks about how to democratize access to artificial intelligence experts

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is starting to play a key role across all sectors, stretching from the financial industry to healthcare services.

The demand for scientists who can effectively handle data and apply AI to improve the way businesses, institutions, and organizations serve their clients is growing at an exponential rate.

But this demand is not being met because of two major reasons. First, the majority of data scientists are currently working in academia. Second, in contrast to more traditional roles, it takes aspiring data scientists several years of studying and training before they can even begin to step foot into their chosen industry.

As we wait for the tide to turn, how can we democratize access to data scientists in the present?

At the last Moore Sloan Research Lunch seminar, Paula Parpart from University College London explained how her exciting platform, Brainpool AI, is connecting data scientists with organizations who require their expertise.

“Companies will have to share data scientists,” Parpart explained, “until the demand can be met.”

150+ data science academics are already members of the Brainpool AI network. The majority hail from top universities in the UK, Europe, and the US, and work on a freelance basis — meaning that they can maintain their involvement in academic research, but also contribute to industry-specific needs. (If you’d like to apply, the link is here:

Examples of the projects that Brainpool AI experts are working on include predicting the outcome of the snap election in the UK, developing an automated crib that monitors and (carefully) sways your baby to sleep using different rhythms, and a project that helps hospitals get started with AI to better manage patient pipelines.

by Cherrie Kwok