DeepMind Fellow Profile: Hollis Nymark

Learn more about Hollis Nymark, an M.S. Data Science student and one of four DeepMind Fellows at CDS this year

DeepMind is a leading artificial intelligence research company that tackles real-world challenges ranging from climate change to healthcare. They awarded scholarships to four M.S. in Data Science students at the NYU Center for Data Science (CDS) for the 2017–18 academic year.

Hollis Nymark

I grew up and currently reside in New York City. My interest in mathematics began when I was a child solving math puzzles with my father.

After graduation from the Brearley School in Manhattan, I attended Boston College where I earned my B.A. in Mathematics.

One of my first positions after graduation was working as a programmatic media analyst at Vivaki. In this role, I began to learn about how data has the power to shape one’s everyday life, and contributed several research papers to Vivaki’s thought leadership program.

Currently, I am an Associate Director of Analytics at VM1 (a Zenith agency dedicated to Verizon). Some of the projects I have led include conducting an analysis to inform Zenith leadership of the accuracy and authenticity of ad verification vendors.

Additionally, I designed and coached my team to conduct log-level based time lag to conversion analyses. It has been exciting and gratifying to not only carry out my own analyses, but also to lead and mentor a team on how to do so as well.

At NYU, I look forward to exploring data outside of the advertising industry to solve new kinds of problems. As a DeepMind Fellow, I hope to not only learn new methods of analysis, but also contribute to projects focused on creating tools and products to improve everyday life.

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