PhD in Data Science Application Tips!

Professors Afonso Bandeira and Carlos Fernandez-Granda talk about what they’re looking for in PhD applicants

Professors Afonso Bandeira and Carlos Fernandez-Granda

How can you ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward when applying for our Ph.D. in Data Science program? We caught up with Center for Data Science professors Alfonso S. Bandeira and Carlos Fernandez-Granda to ask them what advice they would give to prospective applicants who are looking to start their doctoral studies at NYU.

As they explained, there are three major factors that are particularly important in the application:

  1. Research. Showcasing previous research projects is crucial, and explaining not only what you achieved, but also what you learned along the way. We want to see how your mind works!
  2. Purpose. While you do not have to have a well-formed vision at this stage, you should explain why you are interested in pursuing doctoral studies specifically at NYU. What motivates you to join our program? Are there specific professors you want to work with? If so, why? We want to know why you have chosen our program, and how our program fits into the broader trajectory of your career path or research interests.
  3. Experience. Where have you worked before, and with whom? What did you learn, and what about the experience has motivated you to apply for further study? We want learn about any unique aspects of your background that have contributed to your work.

Also, if you have an MS degree or have taken similar courses to the PhD course requirements, reach out to to discuss transfer credit, waivers, and other options. Good luck on your application!

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