Day—1 of Startup Summer School 2020 | Leadership Sprint

It’s you who will give life to the matter — Khurram Ellahi advises to 400+ aspiring entrepreneurs from across Pakistan. Khurram Ellahi an Author, TV Host, Philosopher, and Social Scientist in the first lecture of Startup Summer School 2020 — established the need for Self-Actualization & why is it important to start with “Khuddi” of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Entrepreneurship raises the level of humans beyond a Resume or CV.

Entrepreneurship is creating new possibilities. Entrepreneurship is not about products — it’s about fulfilling human needs & desires. Self-Actualization or “Khuddi” is discovering yourself and unleashing your truest self — than humans transform matter into iPhone, Tesla, or other amazing ‘products’ that reshaped human life. “Know your Why” should be your fundamental quest— then you become unstoppable — and failure becomes a learning event — and read poetry for new dimensions of life — and you beautify the universe in a new dimension — and you read, learn, try, fail, grow— and you work for what makes you happy — day-in, day-out so hard yet never exhausted because you love it!

Khurram Ellahi — Self Actualization & Find Your Why

Carve a Career in line with who YOU are — Samia Hasan founder of Unwind the Grind based in Dubai — after 24 countries, 9 years, 8 brands of corporate life embarked on the journey of “Find your Why” and reinvented her career. Samia introduced an effective 8 Steps practical guide to carving your career in line with who YOU are. Samia in the second Lecture of the day, in a very nice way, translated Khurram’s lecture into a practical 8 Steps guide:

1. Am I really happy?
2. Get yourself out of the cage you’re trapped in
3. Figure out your gifts, passions and values
4. Discover career options that line up with who you are
5. Don’t delete everything you’ve gained over the years!
6. Address your problems now before making the big leap!
7. Network your way into your next career
8. Build your unique personal brand

Lecture Slides: Samia Hasan — Find your Why — SSS2020

Samia Hasan — Find your Why | UTP — Find your Why | (Link to both Lectures)

IKIGAI — The Japanese Secret to a Long Happy Life — was introduced by UTP (Umar T Pirzada) founder of UTOPIAN REALITY — in the third lecture of the day. IKIGAI — iki, meaning life and kai, meaning the realization of hopes and expectations — is the reason to jump out of bed each morning! IKIGAI — is What you Love, What you are Good At, What the World Needs, and What you can be Paid For. In the second half of his lecture, UTP introduced Golden Circle — Why, What & How by Simon Sinek. Always start with Why to build a fulfilling Carrer and lasting Companies. People will follow you if the believed in what you belive. So — Start with Why!

Lecture Slides: UTP — Find your Why

Day-1 of Leadership & Purpose of Life Sprint | SSS2020

Earlier in the day — Maj Gen Obaid Bin Zakria, Vice-Chancellor, Lahore Garrison University welcomed participants to Day-1 of Leadership & Purpose of Life Sprint — Startup Summer School 2020 — a roller coaster 🎢 ride of entrepreneurship! Top-10 teams of Startup Summer School 2020 will qualify for Startup World Cup Pakistan National Final. National winners from across the World will pitch for a $1 million investment prize at the Grand Finale in Silicon Valley, USA.

“Our Vision is to Give Everybody a Chance to Learn how to build a Business. And be part of Pakistan’s journey towards building a $500B Knowledge Economy by 2030. Together let’s make Pakistan a Top-50 Innovative
Maj Gen Obaid Bin Zakria, Vice-Chancellor, Lahore Garrison University.

Startup Summer School 2020 will serve is “Founders Nursery” for NICs and other Startup Programs. Business & academic leaders can join us in a quest to train future startup leaders & to build an Innovation-driven economy in Pakistan. Join us as a Mentor:

Lahore Garrison University (LGU) & Center for Global Innovators (CGI) are excited to be part of Pakistan’s journey towards the $500B Innovation Economy by 2030. Join us to make Pakistan a Top-50 Innovative Nation!

About the Author: Imran Jattala is Director Innovation, Lahore Garrison University — a leading entrepreneurial university in Pakistan. He is also Co-Founder of Center for Global Innovators (CGI) — Innovation Consulting — with a mission to build Knowledge Economy & to make Pakistan Top-50 Innovative Nation. He tweets at: @ImJattala



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