Invent the future of media!

Sony Patent Drawing for VR and Gesture Interface. Rights: CC

Come join the Reese News Lab and learn how to create innovative, viable media products through human-centered design!

Students work on a product in the Reese News Lab.

Students get paid to work on an inter-disciplinary team creating new ideas and testing their desirability, viability and feasibility through prototypes and research. Teams work on creating products in emerging technologies such as Robots, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360 Video as well as finding new ways to tell stories through broadcast, mobile and data visualizations and interactivity.

We are looking for undergraduate and graduate students in business, computer science, public relations, journalism, law, design, development, sales and marketing to join our new media venture teams. If interested, please complete the form at

Professor Steven King presents his 360 degree video robot at Journalism Interactive. Photo courtesy of UF School of Journalism