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How Salud con Lupa Has Raised the Standard of Health Reporting in Latin America

Fabiola Torres, Jason Martínez and Mayté Cyriaco. Photo: Leslie Moreno

Normally the coverage is superficial,

When you know the monster from the inside you have a lot of things to tell,

From Facebook to Her Own Platform

Photo: Leslie Moreno

It was like a respite. A way not to forget that agenda,

Total Collaboration

We envisaged ourselves as a project that will always have a collaborative investigation agenda with various regional perspectives, and with participants from several other countries,

Photo: Leslie Moreno

Fact-Checking and Community

We want people to help us check topics, more so now that we’re overwhelmed by fake news,

This audience surge also forces us to have better continuity in our content.

Everything is connected. From this perspective, we do public health investigation. Journalistic investigation,



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